Saturday, January 24, 2015

Leave of Absence

My friends, it has been cathartic to be able to share my views, my frustrations, my pain and most of all, my faith in  our wonderful Savior,  Jesus Christ with you. I have reached people from Russia to Ethiopia, the UK to Canada and of course all over the US. I have a lot of readers on military bases in far flung lands and in foreign facilities - it has been a particular honor to have you in my audience! However, my declining health requires that I prioritize where I spend my energies.

That said, I will be taking a break from writing for an indefinite time. I will still reply to your messages and comments but I cannot say when I will resume writing essays as the time and effort required to research and source the facts and then go thru the grueling process of writing, editing and completing each project taxes my limited resources, both physical and mental.

So, for now, I will be taking a "leave of absence"  if you will.  God willing, I will have a remission someday and will be able to return to writing here. Until then, God Bless all of you and thanks for your support, criticism and most importantly, your interest in what is happening to our beautiful country, the name of our Savior and the threat to our liberty.


Friday, December 12, 2014


It’s disappointing to say this, but it is really no surprise that John Boehner and the Republicans, even though they were just handed a mandate by the American People to fight everything that President Obama and the Democrats stand for, have just stabbed those same people in the back.

Despite an undeniable National rejection of President Obama’s “Hope and Change” and the Democrats Marxist Socialism as well as having the trust and support of the American People handed to them on a silver platter, the Republicans in Congress led by John Boehner and his crew threw their lot in with the President and the Democrats. Inexplicably, despite the recent victory, the Republicans just passed a budget handing Obama practically everything he wanted, funds the Democrats pet programs including Obamacare and – this is the real knife in the back – Boehner and company refused to touch Obama’s illegal assault on the constitution and our National Sovereignty: Obama’s Amnesty program!

Granted, the makeup of the House and Senate has not changed yet. Boehner’s rationale for his grand capitulation was the looming budget deadline and the perceived need to avoid a government shutdown. Boehner and those who back this 1.1 trillion dollar abomination claim that the democrat controlled Senate would fight any changes the Republicans might propose and even if a revised budget passed the Senate, Obama would never sign it. This would obviously result in an overdue budget and a “shutdown of the Federal Government.”

They point to the possibility of a shut down as if it would deal some kind of devastating  death blow to the country. Their cowardice is disgusting, just disgusting. There have been 18 government shutdowns going back to 1970. The longest, in 1995 during the Clinton Administration, was three weeks in duration and resulted in a number of government employees being furloughed and the closure of some non-essential services. Despite all that, once a budget was approved, the government resumed normal operations as if nothing had happened. Despite this. Despite the fact that the responsibility for a government shutdown would lie directly with the Senate Democrats and the President and despite the fact that the Republicans, by submitting a bill which addressed the funding (or, defunding) of the rampant byproducts of lawlessness which exist throughout every level of federal government thanks to this President, his Administration and the Democrats in the House and Senate, would be doing the will of the people – as made undeniably clear by the recent elections and literally hundreds of opinion pols – yes, despite all this our Republican Leadership chose to cave, to capitulate, to surrender, to kiss the ass of the worst (arguably) President this country has ever seen.

It goes beyond reason and almost into the realm of conspiracy theories when trying to understand the victory Boehner and Co. handed a lame duck, supremely unpopular and largely, by now, irrelevant President and his equally unpopular Democrat Cohorts. Whatever the case, whether it was cowardice, conspiracy or plain laziness this budget and the Republicans refusal to deal with Amnesty constitute a betrayal of monumental proportion and what effect it will have on the 2016 elections remains to be seen. The American Voter has an unfortunately short memory nevertheless, if I had to guess, a year and a half are not nearly enough to forget this betrayal of trust.

It is better to take shelter in the LORD than to trust in people. Psalms 118:8  
It is better to take shelter in the LORD than to trust in princes. Psalms 118:9  

Flawless is the work of the Rock, because all his ways are just. A faithful God—never unjust—righteous and upright is he. Deu 32:4  

I learned a long time ago not to put my faith in men – especially politicians. As this country ages all of the concerns of the founders are coming to fruition. Centralization of government, lack of God resulting in moral decline and a population addicted to entitlements are just a few things the founders warned of over two hundred years ago. They knew the dangers of a government based on the principles of a representative republic. If the populace lacks self-control, education, Biblical principles and a concern for the common good it cannot survive. This was agreed upon by all the founders, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin etc.

So, what do you think our chances are particularly considering this most recent budget? Poor, at best? Non existent?

Where do you think your faith should be?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson and Hate

As I sit in my office tonight listening to the chaos in Ferguson on the radio scanner I can’t help but feel anger and disgust.

At the moment it sounds like there is a fire which has been lit in a Walgreens drug store and a MacDonald’s restraunt. Additionally, squad cars are on fire, shots have been fired at officers. All in all it is total chaos. The shame is that any positive dialogue that may have come from the shooting of Mr. Brown has been lost in the violence and destruction.

The fact that becomes quite evident quite soon is that the Black Community and the race baiting hate-mongers including hacks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have no interest in Justice or venting frustration over a lack of justice. In fact, at the very heart of this lies nothing more than hate for the plantation that owns their souls. What is pitiful is that it is scum like Jackson and Sharpton who work very, very hard at keeping African Americans on the plantation. That’s who they work for. And, it is the African’s treasured Democrats that run the plantation. What is so frustrating is how ignorant, how lazy, how complacent African Americans are when a few simple changes could set them free from the chains of Entitlements that keep them within the walls of the plantation. They could just walk away. There is a problem however: Social Security, General Assistance and Obama-Phones, food stamps, health care - The Plantation Mentality.

And so here I am listening to more fires being set in Ferguson and surrounding communities. At the same time widespread looting and vandalizing are in progress as Backs run rampant and unchecked throughout the cities destroying the property of those who employ many of them and damaging small businesses to the point their owner’s will not be able to start over. Out of business for good.

Where in any of this is justice? If every single one of these perpetrators was shown the hard evidence used in determining the verdict do you think a single one of them would change or at least re-think their actions? What if they were introduced to the Man and Wife who owned the little trinket store that was burned up in this madness. Would they change their actions then? My guess: Probably not. As I said, this isn’t about justice for Mr. Brown. This is about hate for the plantation, hate for whites because that is what they are told to do by Jackson, Sharpton and the rest, and hate for themselves – for selling their souls right back to the plantation from which they were freed two hundred years ago.