Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need I Say More...

"In the eighteen months since the Operation Fast & Furious investigation began, Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News have never mentioned the Department of Justice's gunwalking controversy. Every single time Mr. Holder has testified or a major development happened, NBC Nightly News ignored it. Tonight, in their first mention of the scandal--ever--NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams distorted Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony." MARY CHASTAIN 

I really don't think I can add anything to this. The story speaks for itself. And, it illustrates why NBC and the rest of the MSM have such dismal ratings. Hey! MSM! America has caught on! If you made some attempt at objectivity instead of acting as the apologist/propaganda voice for the DNC you might actually pick up some viewers. Hey NBC, how 'bout this. Flip and change your format to a conservative network. You can eat up some of FOX's share. Of course your liberal, left wing, neo-socialist correspondents will probably jump ship. GREAT! Its the best thing that could happen to you... (Guess I did have something to say after all....)

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