Monday, June 11, 2012

The Right To Keep & Bare Sodas - Redux

In a poll done by The Hill Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to back New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban. As silly as this issue might seem it gets right to the heart of the ‘Nanny State’ problem this country is currently facing.

It is abominable how many people support this kind of legislation. These same people (mostly Liberal Democrats) support Government intrusion into the private affairs of  private citizens ‘for their own good.’

The same poll included a broader survey regarding the Government’s roll in the regulation of foods and beverages for the reason of dietary health. Thirty Seven percent said the Government should do more to regulate the foods and beverages available to individuals. This baffles me. There is no justification strong enough to justify the Government intruding into the lives of private citizens to decide what they can eat and drink. There is no public cost high enough and no health reason compelling enough to discard the essential freedoms of choice, privacy and the God given pursuit of happiness guaranteed in our Constitution.

Legislation such as this always have some reasonable sounding basis behind it. On the surface they appear to either save money by reducing health related insurance costs or they save people from the consequences of their actions or both. But once that domino has fallen what comes next. Seat belt laws intruded into the private automobile for seemingly sound reasons. Helmet laws (in many states), the same. Now you can’t talk on your cell phone. Next, they have their eyes on our diet. You see how each domino falls opening the way for the next. There has to be a point where we say, “Enough!” Or before we know it the Government will be telling us what we can and cannot do and when we can and cannot do it – more so than it does already.

As I have said before, this may seem a silly issue to put such weight on but it is, in my mind and the mind of freedom lovers everywhere, an essential domino in the path to our freedoms becoming privileges. Freedom is God given and guaranteed by our Constitution. Privileges can be taken away. First it was seat belts and helmets then cell phones. Now it is food and beverages. What is next?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Those who are willing to give away essential liberties such as the right to choose what and how much one will eat or drink simply to save a few bucks or because they find fat people offensive do not deserve the liberty they have in this country!

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