Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scott Walker Wins!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won today in the battle to recall him. He is the first US Governor to survive a recall. This is a repudiation of the leftist, socialist union PACs and their sycophants in the media in Wisconsin and indeed the US. This spells trouble for Obama in the coming Presidential Election.

This is further evidence for the overwhelming dissatisfaction with the present socialist approach to governing that is personified by President Obama and his administration. By some aberration the American People were deceived into selecting a neo-socialist radical as the leader of this great country. The past years have shown them what a mistake they made. Not only that but they also see, perhaps more clearly than ever before, how biased and deceitful Big Media are.

There is a growing awareness in this country of how the neo-socialists/Marxists work. More and more the people are ‘on to’ the Big Media and Hollywood. Alternative news sources and talk radio reach millions of people who know they are being lied to by Big Media. The sheer number of people turning to Conservative news alternatives and the tremendous success of Conservative talk radio testify to the truth in this. The momentum is here. The ball is rolling. With any luck it will roll right over Obama and crash into Congress!

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