Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stand Up!

It is time for conservatives to stand up for themselves. For far too many years the minority, liberal/leftwing media has managed to suppress the voice of the Conservative majority in this country. It is a fact surveys indicate that 60 percent of this country view themselves as Conservative. This is supported by the decline in viewership experienced by liberal news networks like CNN and MSNBC and the drop in readership of The New York Times and USA Today not to mention the rocketing popularity of alternative news sites and blogs.

Its true that if you were to watch those liberal networks or read those liberal newspapers you would be under the impression that the entire nation was full of left-leaning neo-socialists and that you were one of a very few backward dinosaurs left over from a previous age. However, you must resist this impression, this illusion, and embrace your place in the majority. The Conservative majority.

Conservatives, contrary to how we are portrayed by the liberal Hollywood Film Industry and News Media, are basically nice people. For the most part we are peaceful and non-confrontational. This flies in the face of the media portrayal of conservatives as rabid, slavering hate-mongers toting shotguns and “looking to kill them some queers.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth and you and I know this is true.

It is time for conservatives to not be so nice! We need to stand up and make ourselves heard! For much too long have we taken it on the chin just to refute the very portrayl of conservatives I described above. In doing so we have done nothing less than to give the impression that the liberal media are right. By seeking to avoid confrontation, we fell right into their hands! We can still be polite, in fact it is very important that we remain civil. But we can be passive no more!

It is time for conservatives to speak the truth fearlessly without concern for the reaction of the media. We need to put our trust in the fact that we, Conservatives, truly are the majority and if we speak the truth openly and unabashedly America will support us. No longer can conservatives afford to be ‘the nice guy’ during interviews. When the opposition lies, obfuscates or talks over us then we need to be ready to interject aggressively.

No matter how unpopular we may be in the media or how unjustly we are portrayed we must trust the American People to see through the lies and propaganda. Ronald Reagan and Both Bush administrations tried to appease the media and the liberals in Congress. They were betrayed. Ronald Reagan was the only one to appeal directly to the American People. In doing so he prevailed over the left wing demagogues in Congress and left the media looking like fools!

It is time for Conservatives to trust the American People. They are smart, contrary to the way the elitist liberal media makes it appear. The smartest thing Conservatives can do at this point is to speak the truth no matter how unpopular it is with the media and trust the American People to see through the lies and propaganda.

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