Friday, June 15, 2012

The Truth Hurts!

Remember when President Bush implemented his tax cuts? Do you remember the fit Liberal Democrats had about how they only benefited the rich, would have no positive effect on the economy, would result in government shortfalls and on and on…?

Isn’t it amazing how, now, on the precipice of another crippling recession, even Liberal Democrats are being compelled to acknowledge the importance of the tax cuts to our economic wellbeing? President Bill Clinton stepped forward recently, publicly telling President Obama that he needed to extend the Bush Tax Cuts. Both John Yarmuth (D-Ky) and Gerry Connolly (D-Va) support extending the tax cuts for two more years. Both admit that the tax cuts are helping the economy as do many of their fellow Democrats.

It certainly gives the lie to the story of how the cuts only benefit the rich and have no positive effect on our economy. It amuses me how the story has changed now that our economy has stagnated. Liberals no longer have the luxury of using class envy to manipulate their constituency. Now there is a tangible, quantifiable consequence to the outcome of this untruth. Forced with supporting a politically incorrect idea, tax cuts, or the very real possibility of watching the economy tip over the edge Liberal Democrats are being obliged to admit what they have always known was true but lied about in order to influence public opinion. The Tax Cuts stimulate growth and in this case they offset economic recession.

The Truth Hurts! Particularly when you are taken to the edge of a cliff and forced to reveal that you have been lying all along. The lie: The Bush Tax Cuts only benefit the rich. The Truth: The Bush Tax Cuts largely benefit small business owners, the producers, the employers, the tax payers, the very foundation of our economy!

Remember this next time you hear a Liberal Democrat blathering on about tax breaks for the rich. Ask yourself why, if Tax Cuts only benefit the ‘rich’, they are so crucial to our economic stability.

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