Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Web is Tearing

I just love the way our Moron in Chief is continually being caught in the web of lies he constructed prior to being elected President. See this if you care to. Over and over again this idiot is being skewered publicly as a result of his own incompetence.

Now, I take great shame in calling our President names. Never have I stooped to such language regarding the highest and most revered position of this land. But President Obama is so inept, so ridiculously unqualified for the office and so completely hopeless that I have to remind myself that incompetent or not he was connected enough and clever enough to be elected President or I might find myself feeling sorry for him.

With that in mind, part of the blame for the election of a man so unsuited to be President of this country lies with our press. Big Media were so enamored with Barack Obama that they fell on their faces when it came time to properly vet him. Now, far too late and damage done, the alternative news sources on the internet are finally doing what should have been done years ago by the MM.

What they are finding is so disturbing that I find myself fearing for the stability of our country. That sounds overly dramatic but I wonder just how far this man is willing to go to remain in office. What about the leftwing fanatics and anarchists, in the occupy movement? What will they do when their messiah is removed from office?

The way Obama concocted the various personas he represented to the different groups he used to make his way to public office, his autobiography and his book, the various groups he belonged to and later disavowed (Jeremiah Wright etal.) and his numerous broken promises (transparency etal.) all stand to accuse him before the American People.

Accused along with Mr. Obama are Big Media. Will they finally cave in to the overwhelming evidence or will they continue feeding the public the same Propaganda Hash they’ve been dishing since 2008? The American Public are onto Big Media. If Obama accomplishes nothing else maybe that will be the one bright spot on his record.

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