Saturday, September 22, 2012

Arab Spring-board

President Obama and his Administration, whether through incompetence or intent, supported the so-called “Arab Spring” which has now been revealed to be little more than a take over of much of the Middle East by Muslim Extremists. Obama and his support of Egyptian President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Brotherhood backed radicals in Libya are just two examples of how this misguided policy backfired on the Administration and is now having a devastating impact on this country and it’s allies.

Yesterday, the Administration finally admitted what Middle East experts have said since the election of President Morsi: That Egypt can no longer be considered our ally. The sweeping changes in the Egyptian government and its policy and the placement of anti-west Muslim Fundamentalists in key positions in the administration and the Egyptian military all indicate that Egypt is on the fast track to becoming another Iran.

Libya,now controlled by Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, is the site of one of the worst atrocities suffered by our Diplomatic Corps. in decades. It has become apparent that the reactionary nature of the adherents to this form of Islam and their predictable reaction to a 13 second video clip of a low budget U-Tube Video is being used as a convenient cover for a long planned strike against the United States. Something the Obama Administration is only now beginning to acknowledge.

 Hiding behind the cloak of the word “Democracy” Radical Islamists have succeeded in tipping the balance of power and control their way in a significant portion of the Middle East. The Obama Administration seems to be under the delusion that because the new leadership talks the talk of true democracy, that they will walk that walk. The Islamists’ actions show that this will not be the case. In fact, the truth is that it is just the opposite.

In Egypt,Christians have been beheaded and crucified in the presence of government officials. Fundamentalist Sharia reforms are being implemented daily. In Libya, Al-Qaeda is in the final stages of a three-part plan to make the State a full-blown affiliate. Yemen has seen AQAP, a virulent branch of Al-Qaeda, gain such popular support that the government has been unable to move against it in any significant way. Every Arab Spring country has seen an upturn in fundamentalist activity and violence.

In these countries we now see a crack down on freedom of speech, religious persecution, the oppression of women and minorities and a disturbing turn toward anti-United States and anti-Western violence. The Obama Administration, to date, has failed to officially recognize this disturbing trend or acknowledge it in any way. Only in the past day has the Administration admitted that the Benghazi attack might be more than just a random protest over a shoddily made You-Tube video. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Administration has still spent $70,000 of taxpayer money to apologize to Muslims for a video that has nothing to do with the US or it’s government.

In the area of Middle East policy, Obama and his Administration have failed and failed miserably. Whether it was out of sheer ignorance and incompetence, a result of the President’s affinity for the ideology of Islam or the more likely choice, a combination of both incompetence and a bias towards Islam, Obama and his cronies have exposed this country to a threat from abroad and domestically as well. By adopting a doctrine of apology and appeasement toward Radical Islam overseas and acceptance and tacit approval of Islamist Sharia right here, at home, this President and his Administration - itself made up of several prominent extremist Muslims – have opened the door for a situation much worse than September 11.

I posit that our very way of life has been jeopardized in this President’s misguided attempt to embrace the sentimental memory of the ideology of his childhood, an ideology he is still drawn to even to this day. If this President is elected to a second term, look for Sharia to become a much more prominent part of our legal landscape and Islam to advance toward becoming the new religious foundation of this once, Christian Nation. The Arab Spring was more of an Arab Spring-Board... Right into the United States of America!

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