Friday, September 14, 2012

How Could This Happen?

Because of the intolerance and reactionary nature of certain individuals and groups, I am prefacing this essay with the following statement:

This essay is critical of Islam and the Muslim Faith. If you are sensitive to criticism of this kind then do not continue reading beyond this point! I take no responsibility for offending your sensibilities if you choose to read this article despite this warning!

The following quote is just astounding: “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?” This is the question posed by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton regarding the atrocity in Benghazi, where Islamist Militants overran our Consulate and murdered our ambassador and three others! Libyan militia assigned to protect the Consulate actually showed the militants where to find the Ambassador. All of this because Muslims were offended by a low budget YouTube movie denigrating Mohammed. How could this happen, secretary Clinton asks?

This is what happens when people who have no business being in positions of power and authority are finally forced to face the inevitable consequences of their incompetence. What happened in Benghazi, and is continuing to happen in other countries, was unavoidable. Islam is a religion/ideology that is attractive to the violent and hateful. According to its very doctrine, Islam not only condones bigotry, rape, subjugation and hate but it demands violent retribution against any who stand against it. Not surprisingly, Muslims seem almost eager for the next reason to act out violently. We have seen this time and again when mobs of Islamists turn violent over even the most innocuous perceived slight. One recent example would be in February, when Islamists attacked our embassy in Kabul during a protest over the inadvertent burning of old and discarded holy books. A death sentence was issued for a cartoonist and violent protests disrupted several cities and caused millions in damages all because he portrayed Mohammed in a disparaging manner. The list goes on and on and on. How could this happen?

The Muslim practices of hudaibyia and taqiyya allow adherents to lie and even behave like non-Muslims in order to infiltrate and overthrow their enemies. We see this in Afghanistan where US trained Afghan military personnel posing as our allies then turn their weapons on us. In Egypt our President was duped into supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, documented terrorists and extremists. Now that they are in power they have thrown off the cloak of moderation which they donned in order to win Western support and have begun to turn Egypt into another version of Iran. We have seen how, historically, Islamists have used these practices to great affect and yet we continue to be caught by surprise when it happens again. How could this happen?

For weeks our intelligence agencies have been reporting that jihadists were planning attacks on US embassies in the Middle East and Africa to commemorate the September 11 Trade Center attack. Israeli intelligence had information that was circulated on September 4 regarding possible attacks by a group known as ‘Global Jihad.’ Egyptian Intelligence services had reported the same. It is important to note that President Obama has not attended a security briefing since September 5 and has attended less than half of the daily security briefings that are so crucial to being informed about our nation’s security. It is also important to note that there were no US military personnel assigned to guard and protect the Consulate. The excuse? It was a temporary facility. How could this happen?

We have a President who is, at the very least, extremely sympathetic to Muslims. Secretary Clinton’s Executive Secretary is a Muslim with close family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups. At the recent DNC convention, a large contingent of Muslim representatives attended. Many of them were from groups condemned by international watchdog agencies. It is obvious that Obama and his Administration as well as the DNC are clueless as to the threat Islam poses to the security of this Nation and to the world. It has been posited recently by former National Security personnel that our Government has been infiltrated at the highest levels by Muslims hostile to the US and Israel. How Could This Happen?

It could happen because the leadership of this country has found it expedient to ignore what was obvious to everyone and treat the members of an intolerant and violent ideology - an ideology of rabid extremists bent on destroying this country and all it stands for - as if they were our allies. If things do not change in our government this Nation cannot possibly hope to prevail. We must rid ourselves of the current policy of appeasement and attend to our National Security!

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