Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Cliff & Why Obama Wants Us to Fall Off

Anyone who thinks that a deal can be made to avoid the coming ‘Fiscal Cliff’ catastrophe better not hold their breath. The financial disaster it would cause is exactly what Obama and the Democrats want and need to seal a permanent hold on our country.

Since his first days in office Obama has steered this country far off of its course as a Free Market Republic and turned it rapidly toward a Neo-Socialist Oligarchy. Those who have a vested interest in Obama and his Administration poo-poo the idea that Obama desires some sort of disaster in order to appropriate what power is left with the People and consolidate it under the control of the Federal Government. They have relegated such allegations to the Conspiracy Theorists and Tin Hat Brigade. They do this in the face of a great deal of convincing evidence that there is more fact than theory to these allegations - not the least of which is Obama’s own upbringing under the tutelage of avowed Marxist Revolutionaries and Communist Subversives. By ignoring or ridiculing legitimate concerns about this President and where he is taking us they have secured our course.

It has been known for some time that to complete the centralization of power and strip the American People of what remains of their Constitutional Rights would require a disaster of epic proportions, something that would leave the populace reeling and willing to do anything to ease their suffering and restore order. Allowing the country to slide over the “Cliff” would suffice nicely as it would provide Obama with the necessary crisis and subsequent chaos and civil unrest needed to justify implementing the new powers he recently provided himself by executive order. It would also allow him to demonize the last stronghold of Republican influence, The Congress, by laying the responsibility for the disaster right in their lap.

All Obama and the Democrats need to do is put forward a reasonable deal with one or two caveats that they know the Republicans absolutely cannot agree to and they assure that a deal will not be reached. With the assistance of the Propaganda Media Machine Obama can then portray himself as the one willing to compromise while at the same time demonizing the Republicans for being unwilling to negotiate in good faith. It is a win-win for Obama. He obliterates what little influence the Republican Congress had, turns public opinion solidly against them and silences any voice of opposition they might have had while, at the same time, providing the circumstances necessary to the success of his agenda.

This has all the makings of conspiracy theory paranoia I know. To many, it seems impossible that the President could have a hidden agenda, an agenda that hinges on the death and suffering of thousands of his own people and the undoing of the very principles that this country was founded upon. Such speculation would indeed be absurd if it concerned any other President. But Barak Obama is different. Look how far we are into his Presidency and we still know so very little about his past and there continue to be so many unanswered questions about him. Important questions. It is only through the power of Propaganda that Obama continues to escape the scrutiny necessary to raise sufficient concern to force Obama to make his records public – records that every other President has made public as a simple matter of course.

It is also the Propaganda Media which shields the President from questions about statements and policies he has espoused which are antithetical to the American way of life. They shield him from any criticism of his links to Islam and the number of Muslims with ties to terrorists and Middle Eastern extremists that hold places of influence in his Administration and they divert attention away from his connection to anti-American organizations and individuals who pose a threat to our National Security.

Those of us who exercise due diligence in the arena of current events know that this President, unlike any other in the history of this country, has a past that he has spent millions to hide from the public. We know that he spent his formative years in a Muslim country, was schooled in a Muslim Madrassa as a Muslim and that he has, at the very least, an affinity for Islam. We know that he scorns the Constitution, that he was mentored by Communist subversives and radical extremists and terrorists. We know he made trips to countries like Pakistan about which many serious questions exist. We know that in college he was involved with anti-American organizations and activities, that he was a drug abuser and that as a lawyer both he and his wife were obliged to surrender their law licenses. All this we know despite Obama’s efforts to the contrary.

Combine all of that with Mr. Obama’s recent spate of Executive Orders subverting the Constitution and giving him unlawful authority over people, resources and property in the event of a “catastrophe” and of course allowing the President to determine just what constitutes a catastrophe. Then stir in the implementation of various legislation and policy that seem to fly in the face of common sense and has even pro-Obama analysts shaking their head over the impact they will have on the economic wellbeing of this country. What you wind up with is probable cause for believing there is a dangerous agenda driving Obama and all he does. The interests of this country absolutely demand answers to the questions about Obama’s past which, to this day remain unanswered as well as a careful scrutiny of everything this President has done in light of the answers to those questions.

As we near the approaching fiscal nightmare it will become more and more clear whether a budget compromise is going to happen. If it does then you can bet that the Republicans will be forced to surrender their position on core issues which will have ramifications almost as devastating in the long run as allowing the country to take the coming plunge. Either way Obama and his cronies win. Of course Obama wants us to fall off the cliff, why would he not!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Look Out! The Politicians are Running Scared!

A few days ago Republican Governor Bobby Jindal made several remarks criticizing everyone from Mitt Romney to various outspoken Conservatives for being too divisive. “We have got to stop dividing American voters,” he whined. Jindal is not alone. He is joined by several prominent Republicans in expressing this sentiment. Everyone from columnist Bill Crystal to Govs' Scott Walker and Haley Barber as well as Sen. Lindsey Graham have all called for Republicans to re-examine their message and to “heal” the divide between the GOP and various special interest groups they see as key to remaining relevant in the coming years. The politicians are running scared.

Because they are scared the first thing they turn to is appeasement. They think that if they can simply win a larger section of the Hispanic vote, or if they can heighten their appeal with women or appear less hostile to the homosexual community then perhaps they can improve their chances of winning in future elections. The problem with appeasement is you have to surrender something in the process. Right now, Republicans are attacking their own for making statements and taking positions that are based on the simple truth and solid Conservative principles. Mitt Romney’s “Gifts” quote and various platforms advocated by the Tea Party have been vilified, not by liberals, but by their fellow Republicans. Even Sean Hannity has joined the chorus saying his position on immigration must evolve. Say what!?

Besides, appeasement never works - particularly with liberals. Look at President Ronald Reagan and how the Democrat controlled congress betrayed him on the budget deal he had made with them. He had extended the hand of bipartisanship to them and they bit it. They did the same thing to Bush I. The liberals that presently control the Senate and occupy the House are some of the most conniving and vile people to have held public office since I have been old enough to vote. Look at the closed doors of the Obamacare coven and what they cooked up as they locked out their Republican colleagues and hid their dirty work from the American people. What about the secretive and duplicitous President of ‘transparency’ and his Administration of schemers and liars hiding behind executive privilege and obfuscation as they  away from public scrutiny. Transparency my keester!

On the other hand, the point is moot really. The Republicans can appease all they want but it won’t change what is now the hard truth - That America is now divided by two polar ideologies. Socialism and Freedom. That is what has the politicians scared. It is almost impossible to play both sides of the fence when the opposing worldviews are so polarized. There is almost no way to pander to both groups. There is no middle ground. There are few ‘undecideds.’ The Democrats are comfortable with this; after all they are the architects of divisiveness. Despite their constant carping about bipartisanship they desire polarization. They exist by divide and conquer. The more they can break America into small special interest groups each concerned only with their own particular sacred cow the less likely they are to unite over the interests of the Nation as a whole.

By manipulating the narrative with the cooperation of a duplicitous Media, Liberal Democrats have succeeded in dividing this Nation to such an extent that it has become unstable, at war with itself. This silent civil war has the Republicans in a panic, fearing not for the fate of the country but, that they might wind up on the losing side. This has caused some to feel that by distancing themselves from so called “Hard Liners” and Conservatives they might carve out new demographics to add to their constituencies. They see this as necessary in this day and age. What they don’t understand is that because of the ideological great divide the only thing they will succeed in doing is alienating their base. Their hoped for new friends have already chosen their side - and it is not Freedom. 

If the party is to survive, Republicans must realize that now is not the time to panic. Polls show that 66% of Voters consider themselves Conservative. Looking at voter polling data across the country it is fact that the majority of the country is NOT Liberal/Socialist. The liberal/socialists tend to congregate in the heavily urbanized areas, the large cities. Out side of the urbanized areas there is a vast pool of voters who do not identify with the neo-socialist values of the Democrats. The problem with the 2012 election does not lie with an insufficient number of Republican voters (perhaps a better description would be ‘non-socialist’ voters). It lies in the fact that the GOP was unable to move them to VOTE! 

Now is not the time to appease so called ‘swing voters’ and sell the Party’s soul to try to carve out new demographics. It is time to FIGHT! To Rally Freedom lovers! To stop apologizing! Start aggressively challenging the Candy Crowleys, the Katy Courics and the Chris Matthews. Fight the Obama Propaganda Machine by hammering home the facts. Fight the liberal assault on the Party that is currently underway! Stand by Constitutional principles and do so aggressively and with conviction and they will prevail. The GOP must embrace their Conservative base or the Republican party will be no more.

In my last article I suggested a move to a third party. Judging by the way GOP is turning on itself I am thinking that without some real change in leadership in the party and a return to its roots that NOW the time is truly ripe for a party that represents what the Republicans used to stand for and a candidate who can articulate those values with conviction. There is a war being waged in this country. Appeasing the socialists is surrender, plain and simple. If the Republican party seeks to remake itself by doing so, then it is committing political suicide.

I hope and pray that the Grand Old Party will straighten its collective spine, remember what it stands for and start fighting! If, instead, they continue on their present course of conciliation, rendering both parties virtually indistinguishable from each other, then we must be prepared to turn to a new Party or risk our government becoming a single party system. The time for preparation is short. Those who embrace the America of the constitution must act quickly and decisively. If the GOP continues on its present course of appeasement while distancing itself from its base then there will be little choice but to seek an alternative.

The question must then be asked: Isn’t that just what the Democrats want? They are the party of divide and conquer after all? Honestly, I think that question will be answered by the Democrats themselves. If a new party rises out of the Republican party and it is ignored by the Democrats and the Media then it is likely that it will come to nothing. If, however, the new party is immediately attacked, its legitimacy questioned and its members vilified then I think you can count on it being a power to be reckoned with!

The Politicians are indeed running scared. They should be...!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The GOP and the SEALs

The GOP and the SEALs – what correlation do I find between the two? Interestingly, both of them have one major point in common which has caused them to re-examine their very souls. They both abandoned their first estate: Their guiding principles. Now their honor and the faith of the people who have always supported them have been severely damaged.

The SEALs have always represented that which is the very highest and best in the military services; duty, honor, discipline, bravery and self-sacrifice. All of our military forces and Special Forces Units embody these same core principles, but it seems that in public opinion at least the SEALs are the epitome of these great guiding values. Ominously, a spirit of corruption seems to have crept in among the honorable elite warriors, a spirit passed down by their Commander and Chief and his Administration.

Everyone knows that the Obama Administration played fast and loose with our National Security by leaking classified mission details favorable to the President and allowed Hollywood filmmakers access to classified Mission Information, even granting access to an active Special Forces Operator in order to influence public opinion and garner support for the President who was looking at ever poor poll numbers and facing an uncertain election. All of these actions reveal the high level of corruption and the complete lack of integrity on the part of Obama and his Administration. They are also directly in violation of the Special Forces Code of Honor – You never discuss the Teams or what they do.

In the wake of the Obama/Hollywood incident and the basic pass it was given publicly in the MSM more and more Spec. Ops. personnel have entered the limelight with books and interviews that skirted or even crossed the boundaries of what is legal and which most definitely breached the unspoken code of honor and secrecy that has, since they began, been a hallmark of the Special Forces. The latest in this sorry tale is an incident involving several SEALs, at least one of whom was involved in the Bin Laden mission. Apparently the SEAL Team Members divulged weapons and tactical information while acting as consultants to EA – a manufacturer of games for the PC and various popular game systems. The information was to enhance the realism and gameplay of an upcoming game made by the company.

On the surface one might ask, “Who can blame them?” since they are simply taking advantage of the public’s fascination with the Special Forces and particularly, the SEALs. After all, the Administration made a huge public relations haul by leaking the Bin Laden details as well as other classified information and they were not held accountable. Why not cash in like the White House? Because the SEALs are held to a higher standard, that's why! They are supposed to be above the temptations of Pop-Culture and the whims of politics. These are the people that are supposed to represent the bench mark for American honor and devotion to duty, the epitome of what we, as Americans, can do, of how we can conduct ourselves in the very face of death itself. They are the indicator of the level of discipline, bravery, dedication, honor, fearlessness, skill and patriotism to which we all should aspire! In the past months several of them have shown themselves no better than their Commander In Chief – a true disappointment to the legacy that preceded them. They have abandoned their first estate for the tantalizing goodies dangled before them by the great whore of Popular Culture and the almighty dollar.

Which brings me to the GOP, the Republican Party: They foreswore their first estate long ago and, particularly with ‘W’, they fully embraced the Globalist NWO power base that has long ruled the Democrat Party. The 2012 Republican primary election, if nothing else, pitted the interests and power of Socialist-Globalists against Conservative-Constitutionalists. As expected the Globalists won with Mitt Romney "winning" the nomination. But, both Obama and Romney are largely funded by, and share the ideology of, Globalists such as George Soros, The Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations not to mention the socialist and communist members states of the UN. This was confirmed, rather ironically, during the debates as Romney and Obama agreed on several foreign policy points that should have widely divided them.

Something the GOP has feared for decades is another Ronald Reagan, a true conservative wildcard, an outsider willing to defy his own party to remain true to his own convictions. The Republicans of today are beholding to many of precisely the same people that wield vast influence over the Democrats. Ultimately both parties aspire to the same end; the only difference between them is how they go about it. They both desire a one world government with a class of elites supported by a lower class made up of the workers and the poor, both of whom owe their existence to the ruling body and therefore keep quiet and do as they are told.

This is no secret, no great revelation. The Bohemian Grove gatherings are made up of the Globalist elites of both parties and ideologies as well various Pop Culture icons. They have been meeting since 1872 in highly guarded secrecy. While indulging in pagan rituals and drinking themselves stupid they network and plot, seeking to move the world ever closer to a Global One World Government. The Bilderberg Group Meetings are focused on achieving precisely the same objective. The GOP are just as much a part of the problem as the Democrats. Both parties have become the same, abandoning their first estate: The People of the United States of America, for the lavish attentions of the Whore of Babylon!

The GOP and now the SEALs have succumbed to the same temptations that plague all of us. Whether it is greed, the desire for popularity, for fame or power, it doesn’t matter. Once they set aside their honor for some fleeting desire they shame the legacy that they inherited. Both have done so. The SEALs only recently. The GOP for decades.

If I had to guess, the SEALs will recapture their honor and thus their legacy since it was really only a few of their number who departed from the path of honor but, I believe the Republican Party is dying. Last week Sean Hannity said he is re-thinking his position on immigration. Not because it needed re-thinking, but because he believes such “evolution” is necessary to appeal to the Latino population, essentially trading his convictions for popularity with a new demographic. I am sure it is rationalization like this that the sullied SEAL team members used when they sold their honor for book deals, Hollywood movies and video games. I am certain that the GOP, like Sean Hannity, are considering “evolving” their platform as well, re-tooling it to fit in with the current Popular Culture. In doing so they become more and more diluted until they completely lose touch with what they once were. In fact, soon they will so resemble the Democrats as to render themselves indistinguishable and therefore irrelevant.

Conservatism needs a new home and a new voice. The poor treatment of Ron Paul by the GOP is glaring proof of this as is their patronizing treatment of the Tea Party movement. Within the next four years, if we cannot come up with a party and a candidate that can articulate Conservative principles, stand up to public scrutiny, have the guts and wit to call the MSM on its lies and mischaracterizations and really take the message to the American People no matter their race or gender then I believe that America is truly lost. And I do mean, truly lost. That is a very negative portrayal yes, but I believe that time will bear me out on this.

Doubtless, the SEALs will quietly and with honor, redeem their legacy. But, what about the Republicans or, more specifically, the Conservatives? The Sheeple and Neo-Socialists who voted for Obama have doomed this country to a four year agenda designed to bring this country to a point of crisis, a point where the people must decide to move toward joining a one world governing body or face plunging into the abyss of chaos. Only with a strong counterpoint to the Socialist message of cradle to grave Nanny State-ism - a counterpoint that articulates the superiority of the values of self-reliance, self-determination and self-governance - can we conservatives hope to regain our legacy.

The Republicans tried to do this but they failed because they no longer hold to the true tenants of Conservatism. In the end, I feel that they failed to garner enough of a Republican turnout because so many Conservatives saw little distinction between Mitt Romney and President Obama and they either voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson or they simply did not vote at all. Only by abandoning the GOP and forging a new party, untainted by Globalist interests and the vagaries of Popular Culture can Conservatives convincingly convey our counterpoint to the growing cancer of Progressive Socialism to a people hungry for an alternative to the two party system that has ruled this country for far too long!

Let us all pray that God would inspire and bless a new and truly effective third party movement in this country, one that can compete with the establishment, for that is the only hope we have of returning to the legacy of freedom and liberty that was passed down to us through the ages. Rather than forego our convictions and conform to the Popular Culture, we Conservatives should instead trust in our convictions and fearlessly articulate our values, values like those first voiced by our Founders about liberty and freedom, values and principles that resonate in the hearts of all free people.

Just as the original Tea Party was a prelude to revolution, The Tea Party movement must be a prelude to political revolution! We must ignore the popular culture and trust in our principles and to God and forge a new home for Conservatism letting the chips fall where they may!   “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” – Matthew 16:26

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Has Happened to the American People?

With the re-election of Barry Obama I have to ask myself one question: What has happened to the American People?

To be honest with you, even while I doubted that it would happen, in that ‘wishful thinking’ part of my mind I had hoped that George Will and Dick Morris were right and that Romney would win in a landslide. I hoped that my faith in the American people and the Conservative Majority would be upheld today as the Progressives were booted out of office and this country reclaimed its Constitutional Soul. What a statement that would have made!

Unfortunately that did not happen. What this says about that segment of the American people who voted for The Obamination is pretty poor as they have shown themselves to be one of two things. Either A) Ignorant sheeple or B) Socialist Nanny-Stater’s. They either rely on the MSM for all of their news and close their eyes to any and all legitimate criticism of their beloved Barry or they don’t give a flying flop about the Constitution and the values this country was founded upon nor do they care about the future and the burden of debt being heaped upon their children and grandchildren. They care only for themselves, desiring nothing less than a Cradle to Grave Government Guarantee of No-Risk Mediocrity.

I know Mitt Romney wasn’t the ideal Presidential candidate. But, Barry? C’mon! With everything we now know about him? While back in 2008 there was very little excuse for electing the unknown pot-head to the office of President, one could still make the case that while people didn’t know what they were getting with Barry, they were just hoping for the best. Fast forward to today, 2012, and that excuse doesn’t exist any longer. We know all about what Obamination stands for, what he is keeping hidden and what kind of President he is or isn’t. And still this country re-elects the man!
Consider the following:

1. Unemployment over 8% since Obama took office despite trillions in bailouts and stimulus. Actual unemployment 14% counting underemployed, part-time employment and those who have simply stopped looking for a job. Obama’s unkept promise 5%. 23 million Americans unemployed—the most since the depression of the ‘30s.

2. National debt under Bush 5 trillion. National debt under Obama 16 trillion. That exceeds the combined debt of all the so-called bankrupt countries of Europe. It would be impossible to pay off this debt in our lifetimes, so we are passing a 16 trillion debt to our children and grandchildren courtesy of Obama. $136,000 for every American family.

3. Obamacare. The single most intrusive, most expensive and most reviled law ever passed. The worst parts not in effect until 2014 (how convenient). Doctors warn the cost of medical care will increase sharply while the quality of care declines precipitously. While concentrating all his effort on getting Obamacare passed the President totally ignores an economy in deep recession.

4. Obama becomes a dictator using “executive orders” to supersede laws passed (or not passed) by Congress (e.g. requiring churches opposed to birth control to pay for that coverage as a part of Obamacare). When Congress refuses to pass the “Dream Act” Obama uses “executive orders” to permit illegal aliens special status in the U.S.

5. Obama raids Medicare to the tune of 670 billion to finance his Obamacare.

6. Obama does have success in one area—he has succeeded in dividing this Country as it has never been divided. Haves versus have-nots, old versus young, White versus non-Whites, conservatives versus liberals, insureds versus non-insureds. Bitterness and antipathy are at a zenith under Obama’s mean-spirited leadership.

7. Failed bank bailout. Taxpayer money wasted—again.

8. Failed stimulus. Quoting a uniquely honest Obama administrator “We still don’t know where the money went.”

9. Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws, but he fights to keep Arizona and Texas from enforcing those same laws.

10. “Obama transparency”—executive privilege claimed by Obama for “Fast and Furious”. A. G. Holder the first A.G. in history to be cited for Contempt of Congress for withholding thousands of documents on “Fast and Furious”.

11. Obama clamps down on private businesses costing thousands of private sector jobs while hiring 16,500 new I.R. S. “enforcers” to police Obamacare.

12. Iranian nukes. Obama sits on his hands while Iran builds nukes capable of reaching our troops in Afghanistan and in Europe. Obama turns his back on Israel when asked by them to help rid the mid-east of Iranian nukes.

13. Terrorists. Obama continues to treat them with kid gloves and tries to permit them to be tried in civil courts—something not even his Democratic allies approve of.

14. Energy. Obama succumbs to pressure from environmental extremists to virtually halt all coal and oil development in America although we have gigantic untapped natural resources. Obama refuses to O.K. the Keystone XL Pipeline which would bring oil from Canadian oil shale to the U.S. Tens of thousands of jobs are lost as a result. Not surprisingly, fall gasoline price is the highest in this nation’s history—quickly approaching $4/gallon.

15. Obama, the “food stamp President”, increases food stamps by 45% and uses another “executive order” to eliminate the work requirement for food stamp recipients. 45 million Americans on food stamps.

16. Obama refuses since his election to provide a budget as required by law and spends whatever he wants on whatever he wants.

17. Those receiving “entitlements” jumps from 6% in 1962 to 35% in 2012. This virtually assures that the vast majority of these recipients will vote Democrat to assure continuation of the “entitlements”.

18. Intelligence leaks. Obama’s Whitehouse staff leak national security secrets and Obama refuses to allow his staff to be interviewed by Congressional Investigators.

19. Joe “Big Mouth” Biden—a heartbeat from becoming President. Part of this frightening package.

20. Obama refuses to compromise on tax increases scheduled to begin in 2013—increases that will substantially raise taxes on middleclass Americans. C.B.O. estimates failure to extend these tax increases will raise unemployment to 9% and cost 2 million jobs.

21. While kissing the ring of a Saudi Prince Obama, declares that “America is not a Christian nation”. Obama and his family do not attend Christian worship services. Obama seems to have lost his zeal for the Christian religion since he left the fold of Rev. Jeremiah (God Damn America!) Wright—his last real pastor and confidant.

On top of all this are legitimate questions about Obamination’s past, his college years, his time as an attorney when both he and his wife had to surrender their law license’s, his connections to Muslim extremism and other alarming issues too numerous for this short essay. Even if one discounted all of the Conspiracy Theories why would someone vote for a President whom, after four years, we still know almost nothing about because he has had all of his records sealed! Just that simple fact would keep me from voting for him no matter what party he belonged to.

And, yet, here we are, looking at another four years of the storm that is Obama. When this country topples from the weight of Engorged Government, fat from glutting itself on the blood of American small business, when the Government Dependents revolt because their precious entitlements have become valueless, spread like too little butter over too much bread and the Middle East spins out of control in a mad rush to fill the vacuum of Nuclear-Military Stability that we have become too weak to maintain any longer, and all those who possess the wit and the spirit to restore the Republic have been driven underground or out of the country - then it will be my grim pleasure to watch as all those who voted for this Abomination run about in frenzied panic as the grocery store shelves are emptied and the gas lines extend to unimaginable lengths, as those who question the administration are rounded up for reeducation and the voices of opposition are silenced, the Internet censored and Constitutional Rights are rescinded in the face of nationwide unrest due to the chaos caused by the failed economic, social and foreign policies of the very man they made President!

‘Gee, you sound bitter’ I can hear some of my liberal friends saying. But I’m really not bitter. Disappointed in my fellow Americans, but not bitter. What is coming is now inevitable. One only need look across the sea for a vision of the future that is ours if we do not get our fiscal house in order - and fiscal order will certainly not happen under Obama. In fact, under Obama, things will only get worse. The grim picture of empty grocery shelves, gas lines and social chaos is an accurate prediction for this country based on a number of forecasts by leading economists. If you believe some of the more extreme economic prognosticators the picture is even worse as the country completely comes apart, States secede and civil war ensues. Whatever the case, four more years of Obamination is going to take my beloved country down a course from which it is very, very unlikely to recover. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if I didn’t love her so…