Friday, November 23, 2012

Look Out! The Politicians are Running Scared!

A few days ago Republican Governor Bobby Jindal made several remarks criticizing everyone from Mitt Romney to various outspoken Conservatives for being too divisive. “We have got to stop dividing American voters,” he whined. Jindal is not alone. He is joined by several prominent Republicans in expressing this sentiment. Everyone from columnist Bill Crystal to Govs' Scott Walker and Haley Barber as well as Sen. Lindsey Graham have all called for Republicans to re-examine their message and to “heal” the divide between the GOP and various special interest groups they see as key to remaining relevant in the coming years. The politicians are running scared.

Because they are scared the first thing they turn to is appeasement. They think that if they can simply win a larger section of the Hispanic vote, or if they can heighten their appeal with women or appear less hostile to the homosexual community then perhaps they can improve their chances of winning in future elections. The problem with appeasement is you have to surrender something in the process. Right now, Republicans are attacking their own for making statements and taking positions that are based on the simple truth and solid Conservative principles. Mitt Romney’s “Gifts” quote and various platforms advocated by the Tea Party have been vilified, not by liberals, but by their fellow Republicans. Even Sean Hannity has joined the chorus saying his position on immigration must evolve. Say what!?

Besides, appeasement never works - particularly with liberals. Look at President Ronald Reagan and how the Democrat controlled congress betrayed him on the budget deal he had made with them. He had extended the hand of bipartisanship to them and they bit it. They did the same thing to Bush I. The liberals that presently control the Senate and occupy the House are some of the most conniving and vile people to have held public office since I have been old enough to vote. Look at the closed doors of the Obamacare coven and what they cooked up as they locked out their Republican colleagues and hid their dirty work from the American people. What about the secretive and duplicitous President of ‘transparency’ and his Administration of schemers and liars hiding behind executive privilege and obfuscation as they  away from public scrutiny. Transparency my keester!

On the other hand, the point is moot really. The Republicans can appease all they want but it won’t change what is now the hard truth - That America is now divided by two polar ideologies. Socialism and Freedom. That is what has the politicians scared. It is almost impossible to play both sides of the fence when the opposing worldviews are so polarized. There is almost no way to pander to both groups. There is no middle ground. There are few ‘undecideds.’ The Democrats are comfortable with this; after all they are the architects of divisiveness. Despite their constant carping about bipartisanship they desire polarization. They exist by divide and conquer. The more they can break America into small special interest groups each concerned only with their own particular sacred cow the less likely they are to unite over the interests of the Nation as a whole.

By manipulating the narrative with the cooperation of a duplicitous Media, Liberal Democrats have succeeded in dividing this Nation to such an extent that it has become unstable, at war with itself. This silent civil war has the Republicans in a panic, fearing not for the fate of the country but, that they might wind up on the losing side. This has caused some to feel that by distancing themselves from so called “Hard Liners” and Conservatives they might carve out new demographics to add to their constituencies. They see this as necessary in this day and age. What they don’t understand is that because of the ideological great divide the only thing they will succeed in doing is alienating their base. Their hoped for new friends have already chosen their side - and it is not Freedom. 

If the party is to survive, Republicans must realize that now is not the time to panic. Polls show that 66% of Voters consider themselves Conservative. Looking at voter polling data across the country it is fact that the majority of the country is NOT Liberal/Socialist. The liberal/socialists tend to congregate in the heavily urbanized areas, the large cities. Out side of the urbanized areas there is a vast pool of voters who do not identify with the neo-socialist values of the Democrats. The problem with the 2012 election does not lie with an insufficient number of Republican voters (perhaps a better description would be ‘non-socialist’ voters). It lies in the fact that the GOP was unable to move them to VOTE! 

Now is not the time to appease so called ‘swing voters’ and sell the Party’s soul to try to carve out new demographics. It is time to FIGHT! To Rally Freedom lovers! To stop apologizing! Start aggressively challenging the Candy Crowleys, the Katy Courics and the Chris Matthews. Fight the Obama Propaganda Machine by hammering home the facts. Fight the liberal assault on the Party that is currently underway! Stand by Constitutional principles and do so aggressively and with conviction and they will prevail. The GOP must embrace their Conservative base or the Republican party will be no more.

In my last article I suggested a move to a third party. Judging by the way GOP is turning on itself I am thinking that without some real change in leadership in the party and a return to its roots that NOW the time is truly ripe for a party that represents what the Republicans used to stand for and a candidate who can articulate those values with conviction. There is a war being waged in this country. Appeasing the socialists is surrender, plain and simple. If the Republican party seeks to remake itself by doing so, then it is committing political suicide.

I hope and pray that the Grand Old Party will straighten its collective spine, remember what it stands for and start fighting! If, instead, they continue on their present course of conciliation, rendering both parties virtually indistinguishable from each other, then we must be prepared to turn to a new Party or risk our government becoming a single party system. The time for preparation is short. Those who embrace the America of the constitution must act quickly and decisively. If the GOP continues on its present course of appeasement while distancing itself from its base then there will be little choice but to seek an alternative.

The question must then be asked: Isn’t that just what the Democrats want? They are the party of divide and conquer after all? Honestly, I think that question will be answered by the Democrats themselves. If a new party rises out of the Republican party and it is ignored by the Democrats and the Media then it is likely that it will come to nothing. If, however, the new party is immediately attacked, its legitimacy questioned and its members vilified then I think you can count on it being a power to be reckoned with!

The Politicians are indeed running scared. They should be...!

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