Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Cliff & Why Obama Wants Us to Fall Off

Anyone who thinks that a deal can be made to avoid the coming ‘Fiscal Cliff’ catastrophe better not hold their breath. The financial disaster it would cause is exactly what Obama and the Democrats want and need to seal a permanent hold on our country.

Since his first days in office Obama has steered this country far off of its course as a Free Market Republic and turned it rapidly toward a Neo-Socialist Oligarchy. Those who have a vested interest in Obama and his Administration poo-poo the idea that Obama desires some sort of disaster in order to appropriate what power is left with the People and consolidate it under the control of the Federal Government. They have relegated such allegations to the Conspiracy Theorists and Tin Hat Brigade. They do this in the face of a great deal of convincing evidence that there is more fact than theory to these allegations - not the least of which is Obama’s own upbringing under the tutelage of avowed Marxist Revolutionaries and Communist Subversives. By ignoring or ridiculing legitimate concerns about this President and where he is taking us they have secured our course.

It has been known for some time that to complete the centralization of power and strip the American People of what remains of their Constitutional Rights would require a disaster of epic proportions, something that would leave the populace reeling and willing to do anything to ease their suffering and restore order. Allowing the country to slide over the “Cliff” would suffice nicely as it would provide Obama with the necessary crisis and subsequent chaos and civil unrest needed to justify implementing the new powers he recently provided himself by executive order. It would also allow him to demonize the last stronghold of Republican influence, The Congress, by laying the responsibility for the disaster right in their lap.

All Obama and the Democrats need to do is put forward a reasonable deal with one or two caveats that they know the Republicans absolutely cannot agree to and they assure that a deal will not be reached. With the assistance of the Propaganda Media Machine Obama can then portray himself as the one willing to compromise while at the same time demonizing the Republicans for being unwilling to negotiate in good faith. It is a win-win for Obama. He obliterates what little influence the Republican Congress had, turns public opinion solidly against them and silences any voice of opposition they might have had while, at the same time, providing the circumstances necessary to the success of his agenda.

This has all the makings of conspiracy theory paranoia I know. To many, it seems impossible that the President could have a hidden agenda, an agenda that hinges on the death and suffering of thousands of his own people and the undoing of the very principles that this country was founded upon. Such speculation would indeed be absurd if it concerned any other President. But Barak Obama is different. Look how far we are into his Presidency and we still know so very little about his past and there continue to be so many unanswered questions about him. Important questions. It is only through the power of Propaganda that Obama continues to escape the scrutiny necessary to raise sufficient concern to force Obama to make his records public – records that every other President has made public as a simple matter of course.

It is also the Propaganda Media which shields the President from questions about statements and policies he has espoused which are antithetical to the American way of life. They shield him from any criticism of his links to Islam and the number of Muslims with ties to terrorists and Middle Eastern extremists that hold places of influence in his Administration and they divert attention away from his connection to anti-American organizations and individuals who pose a threat to our National Security.

Those of us who exercise due diligence in the arena of current events know that this President, unlike any other in the history of this country, has a past that he has spent millions to hide from the public. We know that he spent his formative years in a Muslim country, was schooled in a Muslim Madrassa as a Muslim and that he has, at the very least, an affinity for Islam. We know that he scorns the Constitution, that he was mentored by Communist subversives and radical extremists and terrorists. We know he made trips to countries like Pakistan about which many serious questions exist. We know that in college he was involved with anti-American organizations and activities, that he was a drug abuser and that as a lawyer both he and his wife were obliged to surrender their law licenses. All this we know despite Obama’s efforts to the contrary.

Combine all of that with Mr. Obama’s recent spate of Executive Orders subverting the Constitution and giving him unlawful authority over people, resources and property in the event of a “catastrophe” and of course allowing the President to determine just what constitutes a catastrophe. Then stir in the implementation of various legislation and policy that seem to fly in the face of common sense and has even pro-Obama analysts shaking their head over the impact they will have on the economic wellbeing of this country. What you wind up with is probable cause for believing there is a dangerous agenda driving Obama and all he does. The interests of this country absolutely demand answers to the questions about Obama’s past which, to this day remain unanswered as well as a careful scrutiny of everything this President has done in light of the answers to those questions.

As we near the approaching fiscal nightmare it will become more and more clear whether a budget compromise is going to happen. If it does then you can bet that the Republicans will be forced to surrender their position on core issues which will have ramifications almost as devastating in the long run as allowing the country to take the coming plunge. Either way Obama and his cronies win. Of course Obama wants us to fall off the cliff, why would he not!

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