Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The GOP and the SEALs

The GOP and the SEALs – what correlation do I find between the two? Interestingly, both of them have one major point in common which has caused them to re-examine their very souls. They both abandoned their first estate: Their guiding principles. Now their honor and the faith of the people who have always supported them have been severely damaged.

The SEALs have always represented that which is the very highest and best in the military services; duty, honor, discipline, bravery and self-sacrifice. All of our military forces and Special Forces Units embody these same core principles, but it seems that in public opinion at least the SEALs are the epitome of these great guiding values. Ominously, a spirit of corruption seems to have crept in among the honorable elite warriors, a spirit passed down by their Commander and Chief and his Administration.

Everyone knows that the Obama Administration played fast and loose with our National Security by leaking classified mission details favorable to the President and allowed Hollywood filmmakers access to classified Mission Information, even granting access to an active Special Forces Operator in order to influence public opinion and garner support for the President who was looking at ever poor poll numbers and facing an uncertain election. All of these actions reveal the high level of corruption and the complete lack of integrity on the part of Obama and his Administration. They are also directly in violation of the Special Forces Code of Honor – You never discuss the Teams or what they do.

In the wake of the Obama/Hollywood incident and the basic pass it was given publicly in the MSM more and more Spec. Ops. personnel have entered the limelight with books and interviews that skirted or even crossed the boundaries of what is legal and which most definitely breached the unspoken code of honor and secrecy that has, since they began, been a hallmark of the Special Forces. The latest in this sorry tale is an incident involving several SEALs, at least one of whom was involved in the Bin Laden mission. Apparently the SEAL Team Members divulged weapons and tactical information while acting as consultants to EA – a manufacturer of games for the PC and various popular game systems. The information was to enhance the realism and gameplay of an upcoming game made by the company.

On the surface one might ask, “Who can blame them?” since they are simply taking advantage of the public’s fascination with the Special Forces and particularly, the SEALs. After all, the Administration made a huge public relations haul by leaking the Bin Laden details as well as other classified information and they were not held accountable. Why not cash in like the White House? Because the SEALs are held to a higher standard, that's why! They are supposed to be above the temptations of Pop-Culture and the whims of politics. These are the people that are supposed to represent the bench mark for American honor and devotion to duty, the epitome of what we, as Americans, can do, of how we can conduct ourselves in the very face of death itself. They are the indicator of the level of discipline, bravery, dedication, honor, fearlessness, skill and patriotism to which we all should aspire! In the past months several of them have shown themselves no better than their Commander In Chief – a true disappointment to the legacy that preceded them. They have abandoned their first estate for the tantalizing goodies dangled before them by the great whore of Popular Culture and the almighty dollar.

Which brings me to the GOP, the Republican Party: They foreswore their first estate long ago and, particularly with ‘W’, they fully embraced the Globalist NWO power base that has long ruled the Democrat Party. The 2012 Republican primary election, if nothing else, pitted the interests and power of Socialist-Globalists against Conservative-Constitutionalists. As expected the Globalists won with Mitt Romney "winning" the nomination. But, both Obama and Romney are largely funded by, and share the ideology of, Globalists such as George Soros, The Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations not to mention the socialist and communist members states of the UN. This was confirmed, rather ironically, during the debates as Romney and Obama agreed on several foreign policy points that should have widely divided them.

Something the GOP has feared for decades is another Ronald Reagan, a true conservative wildcard, an outsider willing to defy his own party to remain true to his own convictions. The Republicans of today are beholding to many of precisely the same people that wield vast influence over the Democrats. Ultimately both parties aspire to the same end; the only difference between them is how they go about it. They both desire a one world government with a class of elites supported by a lower class made up of the workers and the poor, both of whom owe their existence to the ruling body and therefore keep quiet and do as they are told.

This is no secret, no great revelation. The Bohemian Grove gatherings are made up of the Globalist elites of both parties and ideologies as well various Pop Culture icons. They have been meeting since 1872 in highly guarded secrecy. While indulging in pagan rituals and drinking themselves stupid they network and plot, seeking to move the world ever closer to a Global One World Government. The Bilderberg Group Meetings are focused on achieving precisely the same objective. The GOP are just as much a part of the problem as the Democrats. Both parties have become the same, abandoning their first estate: The People of the United States of America, for the lavish attentions of the Whore of Babylon!

The GOP and now the SEALs have succumbed to the same temptations that plague all of us. Whether it is greed, the desire for popularity, for fame or power, it doesn’t matter. Once they set aside their honor for some fleeting desire they shame the legacy that they inherited. Both have done so. The SEALs only recently. The GOP for decades.

If I had to guess, the SEALs will recapture their honor and thus their legacy since it was really only a few of their number who departed from the path of honor but, I believe the Republican Party is dying. Last week Sean Hannity said he is re-thinking his position on immigration. Not because it needed re-thinking, but because he believes such “evolution” is necessary to appeal to the Latino population, essentially trading his convictions for popularity with a new demographic. I am sure it is rationalization like this that the sullied SEAL team members used when they sold their honor for book deals, Hollywood movies and video games. I am certain that the GOP, like Sean Hannity, are considering “evolving” their platform as well, re-tooling it to fit in with the current Popular Culture. In doing so they become more and more diluted until they completely lose touch with what they once were. In fact, soon they will so resemble the Democrats as to render themselves indistinguishable and therefore irrelevant.

Conservatism needs a new home and a new voice. The poor treatment of Ron Paul by the GOP is glaring proof of this as is their patronizing treatment of the Tea Party movement. Within the next four years, if we cannot come up with a party and a candidate that can articulate Conservative principles, stand up to public scrutiny, have the guts and wit to call the MSM on its lies and mischaracterizations and really take the message to the American People no matter their race or gender then I believe that America is truly lost. And I do mean, truly lost. That is a very negative portrayal yes, but I believe that time will bear me out on this.

Doubtless, the SEALs will quietly and with honor, redeem their legacy. But, what about the Republicans or, more specifically, the Conservatives? The Sheeple and Neo-Socialists who voted for Obama have doomed this country to a four year agenda designed to bring this country to a point of crisis, a point where the people must decide to move toward joining a one world governing body or face plunging into the abyss of chaos. Only with a strong counterpoint to the Socialist message of cradle to grave Nanny State-ism - a counterpoint that articulates the superiority of the values of self-reliance, self-determination and self-governance - can we conservatives hope to regain our legacy.

The Republicans tried to do this but they failed because they no longer hold to the true tenants of Conservatism. In the end, I feel that they failed to garner enough of a Republican turnout because so many Conservatives saw little distinction between Mitt Romney and President Obama and they either voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson or they simply did not vote at all. Only by abandoning the GOP and forging a new party, untainted by Globalist interests and the vagaries of Popular Culture can Conservatives convincingly convey our counterpoint to the growing cancer of Progressive Socialism to a people hungry for an alternative to the two party system that has ruled this country for far too long!

Let us all pray that God would inspire and bless a new and truly effective third party movement in this country, one that can compete with the establishment, for that is the only hope we have of returning to the legacy of freedom and liberty that was passed down to us through the ages. Rather than forego our convictions and conform to the Popular Culture, we Conservatives should instead trust in our convictions and fearlessly articulate our values, values like those first voiced by our Founders about liberty and freedom, values and principles that resonate in the hearts of all free people.

Just as the original Tea Party was a prelude to revolution, The Tea Party movement must be a prelude to political revolution! We must ignore the popular culture and trust in our principles and to God and forge a new home for Conservatism letting the chips fall where they may!   “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” – Matthew 16:26

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