Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Has Happened to the American People?

With the re-election of Barry Obama I have to ask myself one question: What has happened to the American People?

To be honest with you, even while I doubted that it would happen, in that ‘wishful thinking’ part of my mind I had hoped that George Will and Dick Morris were right and that Romney would win in a landslide. I hoped that my faith in the American people and the Conservative Majority would be upheld today as the Progressives were booted out of office and this country reclaimed its Constitutional Soul. What a statement that would have made!

Unfortunately that did not happen. What this says about that segment of the American people who voted for The Obamination is pretty poor as they have shown themselves to be one of two things. Either A) Ignorant sheeple or B) Socialist Nanny-Stater’s. They either rely on the MSM for all of their news and close their eyes to any and all legitimate criticism of their beloved Barry or they don’t give a flying flop about the Constitution and the values this country was founded upon nor do they care about the future and the burden of debt being heaped upon their children and grandchildren. They care only for themselves, desiring nothing less than a Cradle to Grave Government Guarantee of No-Risk Mediocrity.

I know Mitt Romney wasn’t the ideal Presidential candidate. But, Barry? C’mon! With everything we now know about him? While back in 2008 there was very little excuse for electing the unknown pot-head to the office of President, one could still make the case that while people didn’t know what they were getting with Barry, they were just hoping for the best. Fast forward to today, 2012, and that excuse doesn’t exist any longer. We know all about what Obamination stands for, what he is keeping hidden and what kind of President he is or isn’t. And still this country re-elects the man!
Consider the following:

1. Unemployment over 8% since Obama took office despite trillions in bailouts and stimulus. Actual unemployment 14% counting underemployed, part-time employment and those who have simply stopped looking for a job. Obama’s unkept promise 5%. 23 million Americans unemployed—the most since the depression of the ‘30s.

2. National debt under Bush 5 trillion. National debt under Obama 16 trillion. That exceeds the combined debt of all the so-called bankrupt countries of Europe. It would be impossible to pay off this debt in our lifetimes, so we are passing a 16 trillion debt to our children and grandchildren courtesy of Obama. $136,000 for every American family.

3. Obamacare. The single most intrusive, most expensive and most reviled law ever passed. The worst parts not in effect until 2014 (how convenient). Doctors warn the cost of medical care will increase sharply while the quality of care declines precipitously. While concentrating all his effort on getting Obamacare passed the President totally ignores an economy in deep recession.

4. Obama becomes a dictator using “executive orders” to supersede laws passed (or not passed) by Congress (e.g. requiring churches opposed to birth control to pay for that coverage as a part of Obamacare). When Congress refuses to pass the “Dream Act” Obama uses “executive orders” to permit illegal aliens special status in the U.S.

5. Obama raids Medicare to the tune of 670 billion to finance his Obamacare.

6. Obama does have success in one area—he has succeeded in dividing this Country as it has never been divided. Haves versus have-nots, old versus young, White versus non-Whites, conservatives versus liberals, insureds versus non-insureds. Bitterness and antipathy are at a zenith under Obama’s mean-spirited leadership.

7. Failed bank bailout. Taxpayer money wasted—again.

8. Failed stimulus. Quoting a uniquely honest Obama administrator “We still don’t know where the money went.”

9. Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws, but he fights to keep Arizona and Texas from enforcing those same laws.

10. “Obama transparency”—executive privilege claimed by Obama for “Fast and Furious”. A. G. Holder the first A.G. in history to be cited for Contempt of Congress for withholding thousands of documents on “Fast and Furious”.

11. Obama clamps down on private businesses costing thousands of private sector jobs while hiring 16,500 new I.R. S. “enforcers” to police Obamacare.

12. Iranian nukes. Obama sits on his hands while Iran builds nukes capable of reaching our troops in Afghanistan and in Europe. Obama turns his back on Israel when asked by them to help rid the mid-east of Iranian nukes.

13. Terrorists. Obama continues to treat them with kid gloves and tries to permit them to be tried in civil courts—something not even his Democratic allies approve of.

14. Energy. Obama succumbs to pressure from environmental extremists to virtually halt all coal and oil development in America although we have gigantic untapped natural resources. Obama refuses to O.K. the Keystone XL Pipeline which would bring oil from Canadian oil shale to the U.S. Tens of thousands of jobs are lost as a result. Not surprisingly, fall gasoline price is the highest in this nation’s history—quickly approaching $4/gallon.

15. Obama, the “food stamp President”, increases food stamps by 45% and uses another “executive order” to eliminate the work requirement for food stamp recipients. 45 million Americans on food stamps.

16. Obama refuses since his election to provide a budget as required by law and spends whatever he wants on whatever he wants.

17. Those receiving “entitlements” jumps from 6% in 1962 to 35% in 2012. This virtually assures that the vast majority of these recipients will vote Democrat to assure continuation of the “entitlements”.

18. Intelligence leaks. Obama’s Whitehouse staff leak national security secrets and Obama refuses to allow his staff to be interviewed by Congressional Investigators.

19. Joe “Big Mouth” Biden—a heartbeat from becoming President. Part of this frightening package.

20. Obama refuses to compromise on tax increases scheduled to begin in 2013—increases that will substantially raise taxes on middleclass Americans. C.B.O. estimates failure to extend these tax increases will raise unemployment to 9% and cost 2 million jobs.

21. While kissing the ring of a Saudi Prince Obama, declares that “America is not a Christian nation”. Obama and his family do not attend Christian worship services. Obama seems to have lost his zeal for the Christian religion since he left the fold of Rev. Jeremiah (God Damn America!) Wright—his last real pastor and confidant.

On top of all this are legitimate questions about Obamination’s past, his college years, his time as an attorney when both he and his wife had to surrender their law license’s, his connections to Muslim extremism and other alarming issues too numerous for this short essay. Even if one discounted all of the Conspiracy Theories why would someone vote for a President whom, after four years, we still know almost nothing about because he has had all of his records sealed! Just that simple fact would keep me from voting for him no matter what party he belonged to.

And, yet, here we are, looking at another four years of the storm that is Obama. When this country topples from the weight of Engorged Government, fat from glutting itself on the blood of American small business, when the Government Dependents revolt because their precious entitlements have become valueless, spread like too little butter over too much bread and the Middle East spins out of control in a mad rush to fill the vacuum of Nuclear-Military Stability that we have become too weak to maintain any longer, and all those who possess the wit and the spirit to restore the Republic have been driven underground or out of the country - then it will be my grim pleasure to watch as all those who voted for this Abomination run about in frenzied panic as the grocery store shelves are emptied and the gas lines extend to unimaginable lengths, as those who question the administration are rounded up for reeducation and the voices of opposition are silenced, the Internet censored and Constitutional Rights are rescinded in the face of nationwide unrest due to the chaos caused by the failed economic, social and foreign policies of the very man they made President!

‘Gee, you sound bitter’ I can hear some of my liberal friends saying. But I’m really not bitter. Disappointed in my fellow Americans, but not bitter. What is coming is now inevitable. One only need look across the sea for a vision of the future that is ours if we do not get our fiscal house in order - and fiscal order will certainly not happen under Obama. In fact, under Obama, things will only get worse. The grim picture of empty grocery shelves, gas lines and social chaos is an accurate prediction for this country based on a number of forecasts by leading economists. If you believe some of the more extreme economic prognosticators the picture is even worse as the country completely comes apart, States secede and civil war ensues. Whatever the case, four more years of Obamination is going to take my beloved country down a course from which it is very, very unlikely to recover. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if I didn’t love her so…

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