Monday, March 25, 2013

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Now, in today’s news:
This morning His Excellency, President for Life Obama signed into law, legislation requiring all professing Christians not enrolled on the PSRA list of approved denominations to now register with the Department of Homeland Security and complete the newly implemented ‘Declaration of Religious Intent’. Citing recent data suggesting that certain Christians not affiliated with the Government approved faith, Chrislam, are among various individuals and groups most likely to pose a threat to National Security. At an information dissemination seminar, the President explained that implementing this new legislation would require so-called Christians to agree in writing to practice their religion peacefully and in compliance with the newly enacted Acceptable Social Behaviors Act. Any violation would result in detention at one of the Federal Emergency Security Administration (FESA) re-education camps pending a full investigation of their religious and personal activities.

In response, His Excellency’s compassion and concern for his fellow countrymen was commended by members of the New People’s Parliament. While the highly regarded institute, United Christians for Social Justice praised the legislation, some of the more “conservative” and contentious groups and leaders called for a prayer vigil outside the Presidential Palace to seek guidance for His Excellency and the Administration. Security officials are attempting to determine if this is perhaps a veiled threat against his Excellency. It should be noted that these very same groups were fiercely opposed to the dissolution of the Constitution, the addition of the Presidential Life Service Term of Office, not to mention designating the newly formed faith, Chrislam, as the official religion of The PSRA. These groups protested despite the necessity of uniting and healing this country after the great Civil Uprising of 2014 – an event attributed to so-called ‘Constitutionalists’ and various Christian organizations. We will have more on this protest as it becomes available.

In other news today, the President for Life visited the newly erected Lincoln Memorial Universal Mosque and Prayer Garden. Since it was discovered that President Lincoln was, in truth, a Muslim, it has been a dream of His Excellency’s to recognize the great contribution to the world great Muslim leaders like Abraham Lincoln, and, indeed, our Most Excellent President for Life B. Hussein Obama himself, have had on this great and vibrant country. During his visit our Great Leader made a brief speech recognizing the incredible and positive changes in this country that have occurred thanks to extensive efforts by the President himself in cooperation with open minded Islam/Christian leaders like newly ordained Chrislam Pastor-Imam Jeff Warner. Referring to the newly implemented ‘Provocative Language’ legislation which Warner helped draft, PFL Obama looked forward with optimism to the dawn of a new peaceful dialogue about issues of faith in this country. “This legislation will do wonders for curtailing the hateful and divisive rhetoric issued from behind the pulpits of many so-called Christians. Mr. Obama told the crowd of ardent listeners, “now, with real consequences for speaking in negative or critical language on issues such as same sex marriage and homosexuality as well as attempting to link Islam to terrorism and abuses of human rights Pastors and Ministers will be much more careful before issuing divisive and hurtful statements that at one time they might have gotten away with by hiding behind the Bible and the former first amendment.” This was greeted with tremendous applause by the crowd, applause which PFL Obama accepted with his usual grace and humility. Shortly afterwards the World Council on One World Religion issued a statement commending the PFL for his efforts in uniting the world’s religions and praising Chrislam as the new Universal religion that will unite all peoples.

The day was only slightly marred by a few protesters who displayed signs making various ridiculous and false claims about the Islamic faith and its record on women’s rights and other worn out issues and declaring Chrislam a false religion. The protesters were quickly detained by officers of the DHS’s Department of Appropriate Public Assembly. Questions of unwarranted brutality by the officers were quickly rejected by the department spokesman. While three protesters apparently died and several others severely injured it was, according to department sources, a result of resistance by the protesters themselves forcing officers to defend themselves. Something thoroughly justified based on descriptions by the officers of the rabid violence exhibited by the protestors.

Finally, more good news on the economy! The last of 750 new labor camps have been completed and able bodied men and women can now apply for positions varying from common laborer to clerical assistant for those with some education. As always, loyal Muslim or Chrislam men with a written recommendation from their Pastor-Imam can apply for security positions. Those showing proper loyalty, dedication and submission to authority may even find promotion to the People’s Special Service Branch which opens the door to almost unlimited opportunity, from armed patrol officer to elite positions with the BMU, (the Behavior Monitoring Unit). Be sure to apply now. Note, only men responsible enough to have avoided having children, preferably by abortion (thereby maintaining the viable fetal cell bank) may apply. Those with children should be advised: Bread lines and soup kitchens will soon be prohibited. Churches presently defying Presidential decree to cease and desist in assisting the destitute will be actively prosecuted if they do not cease these activities. The destitute are required to report to the Presidential Department for Social Entitlements and receive their permanent Identification and Tracking Seal. Once they have received the Seal they will be eligible for Government benefits, food, healthcare and child education and health benefits. Refusal of the Mark on religious basis will be considered groundless. Benefits will only be available with the Seal. With the addition of the work camps and the Social Benefits now being made available through the new Entitlements program a new and bright future is available to everyone.

It should be noted that those citizens who still have not received their Seal must do so within the next 30 days. After that period all cash worldwide will be declared valueless and only those with the Seal will be able to buy and sell or have access to their funds. You will recall that the World Bank, in a heroic and very successful effort, along with co-operation of all 10 major world Banking leagues staved off a worldwide economic meltdown resulting from the European Euro crisis and the former United States depression. By moving the world to a single global currency, and now to the new cashless cyber-currency the ‘Big Ten’ will have created a stable global economy guaranteeing the future PFL Obama envisions for our country. By the way, remember, all precious metals are, as of last year, the sole property of the Government. If you did not turn in and redeem your precious metals at that time any you may have in your possession could result in a Capital Felony. Please, do the right thing. Turn in your coinage and precious metals now!

Thank you and please remember possession of any kind of Firearm is grounds for public execution. This has been a public service….. Just a moment…. Please standby…..
... This network is experiencing technical difficulties and will resume operation soon….
… We apologize for the the delay, we now join our regular progra……..
Citizens, we are not certain and information is sketchy but it would appear that some sort of event, possibly worldwide, has occurred. We are not sure but…. perhaps millions, across the globe have suddenly…. disappeared. Information is still coming in…

Please, standby. We will have more on this breaking story momentarily…

This has been a news and information broadcast by the Information Ministry of the PSRA – Your one and only Administration Approved News Source – Fair, Balanced and Complete. Long Live President for Life Obama!

Please forgive me for having a little fun. Things have been so gloomy lately I thought a little humor was in order – though it is definitely on the ‘dry’ side of the humor scale. Nevertheless, you just know this is what Obama fantasizes about when he is lying in bed or sitting in on some boring National Security Briefing. I don’t think his fantasies end with the rapture though….

Thanks for reading. Hope you didn’t find this too big a waste of time.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Should You Worry...?

Sorry folks, but this won’t be a fun article to read. It wasn’t fun to write either. But there are events happening that people must be made aware of – not just that they are happening, but that they are all happening simultaneously. There is a storm of epic proportions and it is upon us even now, we just haven’t seen the fulfillment of the physical manifestations of its arrival, or… at least not in totality.

Anyone who lives in the real world has seen the rise in prices of Gas and Groceries. Obama and his Progressive sycophants with the assistance of their Propaganda stooges in the MSM tell us that there is presently zero inflation, that there has not been any since Obama became President. However, you and I know from our monthly expenses that this is nothing but pure BS.

Additionally, every person I know, Christian or not, senses that “something” is looming on the horizon. Even the State Run Media cannot completely edit out the hopelessness that permeates the lives of so many people in the stories they report - no matter how hard they try to stick to the script the Administration hands them. This air of hopelessness is not unwarranted.

While the sheeple quietly go about commuting to work, shopping for dinner, getting married and giving in marriage, having babies, taking kids to soccer practice or music lessons, posting to Facebook, paying their bills or any of an uncountable number of other distractions, they are occupied to the point that they are unaware that the world is crumbling. Even their own government – charged with defending their God given rights – has been slowly and inexorably eroding, weakening and washing away those very same rights. Doing so to the point that very, very shortly what protections they were afforded by the Constitution (a document paid for with blood) are completely gone. If you think this is just doom-mongering and conspiracy theory take another look:

Over the past few months various Government Agencies, most notably the DHS, have been stockpiling huge numbers of hollowpoint ammunition. This ammunition, they claim, is largely for target practice. This statement is beyond ludicrous and does not even deserve a reply. There is no logical reason to stockpile ammunition in these numbers. One statistician calculated that DHS could pump 5 rounds into the chest of each and every American Citizen before they ran out of ammo. As I said, ludicrous.

But wait, there is more! Other Government agencies such as The Post Office and other unlikely agencies like NOAA – charged with Studying Weather and other services as well as the Department of Social Security have not only accumulated stockpiles of ammunition of their own, but they have also acquired military assault vehicles similar to US Military armored personnel carriers. This is not tin foil hat conspiracy stuff folks. There are two such armored Humvees parked outside my local Sheriff’s Department for use in “unspecified circumstances.” There have also been a number of videos posted to YouTube of such vehicles posted all over this country.

Need more? Over the past several years President Obama has signed Executive Orders unprecedented in their power and scope, authorizing the US Government to confiscate or commandeer virtually any resource, be it public or private, for Government use on the President’s order. This includes Food and Ammunition, fuel, water, medical supplies and everything else stored by all you preppers out there – and don’t think they don’t know exactly who you are. Get ready to surrender your weapons, ammunition, food, generators, vehicles, fuel, livestock, water purification and storage equipment, communications systems… Well, you get the idea. When Obama gives the word the Constitution will cease to exist and anything and everything, whether public or private becomes the property of the Government. Period!

On top of this there is the National Debt – a Demonic Spirit looming over this country which most people don’t really understand, and therefore don’t really give enough thought to. That is understandable. It is a complex problem and difficult for even experts to get a grip on. There are a few indicators, though, which are basic enough that almost anyone can comprehend the effect they will have on the future of this country. Here is a link to that very information.

Why stop there though? Worldwide food banks are either empty or at critical levels. That means that in the coming year things like wheat and corn are going to be at the highest demand in memory. With the prices that they will command, and all commodities downstream from them, like fuel – oh yes fuel, do you know how much corn goes into supplementing our oil based fuel supplies with corn based ethanol? – These prices will increase with the increased demand. This trickles down to everything – and I mean everything. But I digress. Simply put, the people of this country have had it way too good for way too long. They have no idea how interconnected things have become. During good times this is great. It results in an economy that operates like a well-oiled machine. Commodities are available in abundance and prices are stable. However, if any cog in this large and complex machine comes undone, the entire machine begins to malfunction and, if not corrected immediately, the machine grinds to a complete halt. And when that happens the typical American will have absolutely NO idea what to do!

This is what all of the conspiracy theorists, doom-mongers and Christian Bloggers (like me) among countless others, have been preaching about for so long. For the longest time this preaching seemed hysterical and without merit to most. However, as it turns out, maybe people should have paid more attention. Any system that relies on so many single points of connection (“all the eggs in one basket syndrome”) is bound to suffer a catastrophic failure eventually. We are looking at that happening in our very near future.

Food production is not the only system that is facing a near-time failure, however, and that’s what makes the future appear all the more ominous. There are many systems just like our food production system which are at or near crisis. Significantly, each and every one of them is arriving at a point similar to our food production system - all at the same time. There is a coalescence of failures all approaching critical mass and all doing so simultaneously.

Let’s look at our economy: To date, we have accumulated a debt so massive that it is beyond the comprehension of the average American citizen. With every second that ticks by, we add more to it. I suggest you visit this link: National Debt Clock. Look at the US National Debt near the top left. Need I say more?

Unemployment is another economic threat that is looming on the horizon. While the Labor Department issues misleading unemployment statistics (particularly those that conveniently favor the President immediately before the election – then revises them upwards afterwards. An honest mistake, obviously – NOT!) in fact, various non-partisan groups have issued their own findings indicating that the actual percentage of Employable Americans who are unemployed and in need of work is in the neighborhood of 22%. For now most of them are getting by with the help of family members and friends and part time work under the table. But one must ask: how much longer will that suffice?

On top of this we have ObamaCare. This nightmare system is costing the country a fortune and it is only beginning. While the President lied during his campaign stating that The Affordable Health Care Act would be cost negative, the truth is at present the price tag for just this year is hovering right at $1 Trillion, however as more data becomes available it is estimated that the number will perhaps double or even triple. The simple fact is there is no way to sustain this program. People have already seen increases in premiums, deductibles and other costs. This will only get worse as more and more of the program is implemented. What is truly ominous is the impact this will have on our already burgeoning debt.

In the meantime, while our President’s private army, the DHS has been stockpiling ammo, our military has been conducting drills designed to train troops in operating in a domestic capacity including engaging US civilian targets, all this while FEMA readies a number of ‘disaster response’ sites all of which, while supposedly for disaster response, when seen up close, appear to have more to do with interring dissenters than housing disaster victims.

Across the pond, Europe stands on the verge of the demise of the Euro and, in several of the member States, economic collapse as well. Monday, Cyprus declared a Bank Holiday, freezing all accounts in an attempt to maintain solvency in the event of a run on Cypriot banks in the face of a proposed tax on depositors, a ‘self-bailout’ intended to insure the receipt of a $13 million infusion from the EU to avert default – a Bailout Cypriots soundly rejected. This however has left their banks on the verge of default. Creditors are demanding cash only and locals complain that ATMs will now only dispense 400 EU per day. While managers dealt with the crisis in Cyprus the Euro continued to tumble, falling below $1.29 in Asia – its lowest level this year. Experts are already predicting a domino effect throughout the Euro-Zone and expect the Euro may slide even farther. Hopes for a bounce back for the battered currency have been dashed as several massive sell-offs of the Euro have further contributed to its decline and more are anticipated in the wake of the week’s disastrous events.

With the Euro in jeopardy, the EU in financial crisis, riots, shortages of food and supplies and cuts in Government aid affecting millions, the European Union is on shaky ground to say the least. With the Union confirming that the current Europe-wide recession has deepened significantly in the last quarter and that more Austerity measures are looming on the horizon, not to mention the likelihood that Germany, Switzerland and perhaps other Union members including the UK will seriously consider withdrawal from the currency in the coming year makes the statement that there is potential for a Continent wide meltdown this summer not as hysterical as it might seem. It is fact that the Swiss are preparing for an EU collapse, going so far as to conduct exercises designed to increase readiness in the event of violence along its borders among other things. Add to this a new and ominously aggressive posture taken by Russia who have taken a keen interest in the Euro debate and one can’t help but be pessimistic about the EU.

With Europe facing more uncertainty and certainly more chaos as Austerity measures face more public protest and the Euro wobbles to and fro, the Middle East plods ever closer to Armageddon. On Tuesday, Alternative News source WND published an article by Iran expert REZA KAHLILI revealing that Iran has, in fact, successfully enriched Uranium to Weapons Grade Levels and has succeeded in designing a warhead which they are working on even now. They are presently in the process of adapting their new weapons apparatus to existing Medium Range Missile systems, however the location of the Manufacturing Plant is proximal to Iran’s ICBM project areas meaning nuclear armed ICBMs may not be out of the picture in the near future as well. Movements of armor, anti-aircraft systems as well as additional funding by the Regime for their Nuclear Program all indicate that Iran is very close to having a functional Nuclear Weapons Program. Meanwhile, just this week in fact, President Obama assured that Iran was more than a year away from having weapons grade uranium. While other news sources have not picked up the story and no Government Agencies have confirmed it, remember, it was Reza Kahlili and WND who broke the Iranian Nuclear Plant Cyber Attacks as well as the underground Explosion at Iran’s Fordow Plant. It was weeks before other news agencies grudgingly broke the Fordow story. Look for an even longer delay before Obama’s propagandists are finally forced to acknowledge this as well.

Back to our own country: Only a fool would believe that Obama and the Progressive machine in the Administration would pass up the chance for a power grab. Obama, Hilary and Pelosi have all expressed their opinions that the Constitution is out of date and in need of revision or to be simply discarded. The Progressive’s cold-hearted use of recent mass killings to forward their agenda of disarming law abiding Americans is a perfect example of how expert they are at using singular events propelled by mass propaganda to create a social movement. They have used the same methodology to silence the church by attaching the stigma of bigotry to anyone who would challenge sodomites and their vile perversion, using labels such as homophobes and the like. Now they are seeking to do the same with gun owners and the Second Amendment - and the entire Constitution! We are up against people who are experts at media manipulation and are in league with the father of lies. 

At this point only a huge outcry by America’s gun owners along with various groups such as the good ole’ NRA have slowed the advance of gun grabbers. But we must ask for how long? There is hope. This outcry was a good example of what I have been saying for some time. The true majority of Americans are right of center, even conservative perhaps. But we are also horribly apathetic. Thank God for getting us off our rear ends to at least make ourselves heard this time. But what about next time? Will we do the same or will we be too busy, or too tired or whatever lame excuse we continue to use?

So, here we are. The world is in turmoil, Europe an economic cluster ****, Russia growing more militant by the day, a nuclear Iran, North Korea ready to Nuke us and meanwhile, here at home we are dealing with more gun grab legislation on the horizon, a dying economy, Marxists in the highest levels of Government, Muslim Terrorist Spies in the Administration and a Government that, by all appearances, is arming itself for a war with it’s own citizens. It is a perfect storm of simultaneous events and situations. The storm clouds are looming. The wind is picking up. Rain is just beginning to fall.  It is only a matter of time before the full force of the storm hits!  You tell me… Should you worry…?

In truth, if you have placed yourself in the hands of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior all of this is simply Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes and evidence that our Lord will be calling us home soon. It is also an exhortation to pray for those who have not yet been saved and who risk living through the most horrible things imaginable. If you want the assurance that can be found only in knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then just follow the link above for more on Jesus and who He is.

If not… well then, yeah… I guess you better worry.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

It is high time we all take these words to heart!

Addressing the Continental Congress on March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry, using the oration skills he acquired and honed as a trial lawyer, spoke eloquently and forcefully to his colleagues about the God-given duty to fight for freedom from the bondage of the “First Despot,” King George III of Great Britain – and to do so against all odds. He declared:

“There is no longer any room for hope. If we wish to be free –if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending – if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be ordained – we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!”Henry pressed on: “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength but irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in a holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God, who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to be strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”Henry then concluded: “Why we stand here idle? What is that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me give me liberty or give me death!”

The despotic regime Patrick Henry spoke of raised taxes to support a government that cared nothing for its colonists, spent wantonly on themselves while the colonists suffered, controlled their media, sought to disarm them and finally, when they had enough and began to rebel, used their own military - the military that was supposed to protect them - in an attempt to control them. It was at that point that the colonists finally put aside their petty differences, took up their arms which they had refused to relinquish and united against tyranny.

While our constitution insures, for now, that our current despot cannot reach the depths of tyrannical excesses of King George III, nonetheless one cannot help but wonder what Patrick Henry would say about the current state of this country and it's despotic leader. How much liberty that those very same colonists died for have we given up out of sheer apathy?

Honestly, at this point I don't think the American people have the balls to resist if our government decided to 'post a guard in every home' or confiscate our weapons or place us in internment camps for that matter. Yes a few would resist but our numbers would be so small it would amount to nothing - a minor inconvenience perhaps.The Americans of today are faithless, apathetic cowards and the present state of this country proves it. The fact that 'The View' is a highly rated morning TV show is evidence of how far this country has fallen!

Let me close with this question: When there is a demonstration supporting the second amendment in your area how many of you attend? How many of you belong to your local Tea Party or Constitutional Patriots group? If you do belong how many of you make it to the meetings? How many make it to the demonstrations? How many of you even bother to vote? It makes me sick.

My apologies for tone of this essay, however the apathy of my fellow Patriots combined with the complete and total ignorance of the Sheeple has me in the need to vent. Apologies aside, my point still remains. If we do not act in the lawful manner accorded to us by law, in mass and demonstrate our strength, our numbers and our commitment to liberty, the time WILL come quickly when we will be forced to face that choice so eloquently stated by Patrick Henry - Liberty or Death. Let us all pray that it does not ever come to that.