Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tragedy in Boston

The Tragedy in Boston

I think it is high time we ban explosives! They are just too dangerous and we need to get them out of the hands of the public. What! They are already illegal?? You mean somebody broke the law to perpetrate this mass atrocity? But wouldn't that mean banning something won't make us safer? Well that is just amazing! I wonder then why they are trying so hard to ban guns if it won't make us safer? It won't stop bad people from doing bad things, it will only keep good people from enjoying their hobby and/or protecting themselves. WOW! - note dripping sarcasm...

The ongoing effort to supposedly make this country safer by banning certain firearms and extensive background checks on gun owners is simply senseless and always has been. Anyone determined to kill, whether the target is a single individual or a random crowd, will find a way to do so. How many more people have been killed by knives, hammers and other blunt objects, not to mention fists, than those killed by firearms.This is according to FBI statistics indicating that significantly more people are killed in the country by blunt objects than by firearms.

It boils down to this. Murder is illegal yet it happens every day. Blowing people up is illegal yet it happens all the time. Shooting into a crowded theater is illegal yet it happens on the rare occasion. All these things are ALREADY ILLEGAL! Laws and bans will do NOTHING! In the case of firearms these laws will only deprive the law abiding of something they are Constitutionally entitled to. Making them illegal will not stop those who just don't care. Common sense people!

There are so many great pro-firearm websites out there that there is little more I can add to the case for keeping and baring arms. In fact I find the debate ridiculous and largely based on two things: Ignorance and fear by those who find guns scary just as those unfamiliar with reptiles find a harmless garden snake scary - and by those who wish to maintain control over the population of this country and fear an armed citizenry.

I will end with this simple sentiment. It makes as much sense to outlaw pressure cookers because some nut might make a bomb out of them in order to kill people as it does to outlaw guns because some nut might use them to kill people.

If we need to look somewhere for answers, we need to look at what is making our society so sick that such things happen at all. Why do Hollywood types call for the ban of firearms yet defend the gratuitous worship of violence in their movies. Why do liberals wish to punish law abiding Americans yet open the country to those who would infiltrate it illegally. Right is wrong, evil is good. This country is upside down. The need for America to repent and turn back to God is greater now than ever!

May His Spirit comfort those affected by the Tragedy in Boston.

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