Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama-Care... NOT!


Just a short note on the way home from the doctor. For all of you out there who completely ignored EVERYTHING that you were being warned about but still supported President Obama and Obamacare: Let me thank you on behalf of all of us who suffer from chronic health problems and can no longer find a specialist, have children who no longer qualify for healthy families because Obama says now we have to be on medical, which we don't qualify for because we "make too much money" yet we can't afford the health insurance that is available because we "don't make enough money" - and the wonderful pool of al la carte plans Obama promised? Well, they are still just a figment of his imagination. And, lastly the doctor I just saw. He's Canadian. He left Canada 12 years ago because of the poor quality of care and, when he divided his pay by the hours he worked he made less than a decent waiter could bring home on a Friday night. He just could not believe that Americans would be so stupid! His words. So, tell me. How could you be so stupid?

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