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The Tyrant Unmasked Again & Again

The Tyrant Unmasked Again & Again

Benghazi         – Illegally transferring arms to Terrorist Groups, 4 dead as a result of the attempted Cover-up. And to date we are still trying to determine just how deep that Rabbit Hole Goes….

IRS                  – Exposed: politically motivated targeting and intimidation directed toward right leaning groups and organizations, Christian groups and punitive actions against anti-Obama interests and Individuals!

DHS                – Military Arm of The Administration. Purchase orders for millions of rounds of hollowpoint ammunition, training specifically in preparation for engaging Civilian targets. Obvious preparations for operations targeting American civilians.

PRESS            – Infiltrating private accounts and phone logs. Wiretapping. Tracking of reporters movements and intercepting thousands of pages of correspondence. AP, FOX and CBS so far and it appears there may well be more.

Above is a summary of recent issues which have forced their way through the MSM information blockade to actually make their way into the public arena. The Obot media machine has shifted into high gear now that their beloved B.O.bama has been exposed to the sheeple as less than the squeaky clean king of transparency, honesty and accountability they have worked very hard to convince them that he is. These stories are making dramatic headlines in the news TODAY despite the efforts of editors and producers to squelch them, and they illustrate beautifully that Mr. Clean truly is the Tyrannical Chicago Gangster he has been accused of being! Of course, those folks who never take the news at face value have known about these issues and about the dictator-like ways of the “Great Leader” for some time. Bloggers and Alternative media outlets have been reporting on them non-stop. As hard as the MSM has worked to make these issues disappear, there is only so much they can cover up. With the Alternative Media and Citizen Journalism an ever growing force in public information, the crimes of this Government are no longer so easily dismissed.

The issues noted above are just four of the many egregious and often criminal transgressions committed by our current President and those in his Administration. It is a crime that deserves to be laid right at the feet of the MSM that only these four stories have found their way into the larger public arena. A little research will reveal that there are a mindboggling number of seditious acts committed by this Government and by this President – a man we still do not know for certain is even who he claims to be.

So, where do we go from here? It has been made public that the President is culpable in the death of our people in Benghazi. It has been confirmed by high ranking IRS personnel including the former head of the IRS that the President was aware of, and perhaps even instigated the targeting of Conservative, Republican, Tea Party and Christian groups and individuals. The President is on record advocating the creation of a civilian armed service comparably trained, armed and outfitted to current military standards and we are watching as the DHS becomes that Civilian Force in front of our eyes. 

Lastly, the Justice Department has been caught secretly tracking and conducting surveillance on various journalists from different news sources, including obtaining the phone records of upwards of 20 reporters and editors who work for wire services and various news agencies. None of these scandals are unusual for this President and his Administration; in fact they are business as usual! What is unusual is that, after the years of such malfeasance being overlooked, even protected by the MSM, that these scandals actually made it before the public at all. One journalist called it reaching critical mass, noting that there is only so much that can be hidden from the public before, one way or another, the truth forces its way to the surface. In this case each of these issues evoke such a sense of outrage and righteous indignation that, like flood waters rushing over an overburdened levee, the facts overwhelmed and rushed over the MSM, even carrying some of them with the flood. It was at that point that the MSM finally began to take up these stories and report on the issues.

I must admit that I do find it humorous that AP and the rest of the press are in such a tizzy over being spied on by this Administration. I guess, they figured that being part of the Obama Propaganda Machine that they were above this sort of thing. Chuckle!

Ok, so, a paragraph or so ago I asked: where do we go from here? I think that question will be answered for us quickly, perhaps within the month. However, just what results these very public revelations of Presidential &Government malfeasance will produce is anyone’s guess. My outlook, unfortunately, is rather gloomy. In fact, for my part, I doubt much will come of any of this. I know, I know. Not what you wanted to hear. Me either! But, look, consider this: North Korea has fired off missiles, Assad has used Chemical Weapons, Russia has shipped weapons, men and equipment to Syria, China unabashedly hacks into our top secret government and business servers while actively trying to replace the Dollar with the Yuen as the World Currency – all these are part of another one of those lists that go on and on - And, Obama, who promised ‘severe’ response by the United States if any of these ‘Red Lines’ were crossed, has essentially allowed each of them to go by without even the blink of an eye.

Worse, the American people made no protest over these lapses, nor did they show the least sign of support for those few elected Representatives who are working to do something about these problems. They made nary a whisper. Nothing. Nada. Of course the Alternatives and Talk Radio, not to mention you and I, all did what we could to effect some sort of reaction right? Riiiight?? You did call and write your representatives didn’t you. How about your local Patriots group? Did you get out and hand out flyers detailing these things so the sheeple can be informed. Did you at least post something somewhere on the internet where it would get some attention?  Offend your family on Facebook at least? You did? Good for you!! But, after all that, what happened?  


That is the gloomy part. My guess is that, in the end, the reaction of the American people to Benghazi and the other scandals will be much the same. For the most part America will do absolutely nothing. That’s why Obama can get away with all this. Hell, that’s how he got re-elected. Did you see anybody even bat an eye at any of the voter irregularities, rigged voting machines or other significant questions regarding the election? It all comes down to one thing. I saw a bunch of really good YouTube videos documenting the rigged machines and voter bullying. I read the reports from the voter registrar’s office in several precincts in Ohio, Colorado, Indiana and other States indicating rampant voter fraud. But again, what came of any of it? Yup. Bupkis! Why?


I’m sorry to say it but the American People are going to get exactly what they deserve because, despite a great number of people warning them, they have done NOTHING to question the actions of their Government  much less do anything about it. In fact, just the opposite! Heck, for the promise of some “free” entitlements they are willing to basically just tear up the Constitution and join the Plantation. The problem is that the same shackles they accept around their necks so willingly, they expect to place on those of us who still love the Constitution and what it stands for not to mention the Country that once existed according to its tenets.

I am glad to say, though, that I do see signs that the Constitution lovers are shaking off that spirit of apathy that has infected this nation.

Because of the small margin of victory for Obama in ‘12, it is likely that a stronger turnout by Conservatives, Christians and Libertarians would have more than offset the voter fraud that helped Obama win. We have to remember too, that many right wing voters had problems with Mitt Romney, legitimate problems, which kept them from voting. It is a harsh reality that, as it turns out, they should have voted for Romney despite their reservations. I think that in retrospect, they would agree.

There was also a good deal of APATHY that kept turnout weak as well. I do not believe we will see that same lack of turnout again. We will need every vote because 2014 and 2016 are going to be crucial election years! If we can turn out in the numbers that voter registration rolls say are out there, we should be able to increase our majority in the House and regain control of the Senate. But we HAVE TO GET OUT AND WORK FOR IT. Don’t think Obama and Co. don’t know this. One of the few things that keeps Progressives awake at night is the chance that Obama’s heavy handed Marxist tyranny has pushed the American people too hard and that a backlash awaits them in the coming elections. Right now, at this very moment, Obama and the Progressives are already campaigning for 2014. They have been for some time. Fortunately so have many who stand on the side of the Constitution and Liberty. Take heart, there is hope folks! But we must never let our guard down or become complacent again! We must unite and overcome or this country will never recover from what Obama and the Progressives have done.

One last item. It has been proposed by a number of people, some more credible than others, that the cabal presently in power will not tolerate a backlash, a citizenry that suddenly begins, in significant numbers, to question their actions or a peoples that demands accountability and begins voting in candidates from parties outside the big two. It has been said that those in power, the elite, have achieved too much in too short a time to allow for any chance of change. Now, I know that this is moving into uncomfortable territory for some of you who balk at any hint of conspiracy theory, who blanche at the first glint of tinfoil, however, it is impossible to dismiss the implications of the midnight changes Obama made by executive order and giving expansive and unconstitutional powers to himself and the DHS, nor can one ignore the fact that the ARMY just gave itself permission to operate on American soil, also constitutionally questionably. With the militarization of the DHS and statements made by former DHS personnel, not to mention Obama himself, it is irresponsible to not, at the very least, open the subject of Martial Law up for discussion. It is not outside the realm of reason that this President might use Martial Law as some kind of preemptive strike if it appears that the status quo may be in danger of losing the new ground they have gained in six short years.

This President and his Administration have trampled the Constitution, committed Treason, betrayed the Public Trust and are in a position to impose nationwide martial law – all they need is one significant incident; a large scale terrorist attack, widespread civil unrest, anything that appears to threaten national stability, and this President will lose no time sending in his private army. Will they actually go that far to insure the future course they have set the country on? If so, why not with Boston or Sandy Hook? The answer to that is simple enough. They were too limited in scope. Obama needs something that gives the impression of placing the entire country in jeopardy. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to look that way. So, would they? They have shown no scruples so far, I am not willing to bet that all of a sudden they are going to change their ways now. And remember, to justify Martial Law the threat just has to appear national. Get it?

So far all indications are that the American People will continue being the complacent little sheeple they have been for the past decades. So why declare martial law at all? Because of you and me, that’s why. Well, you and me and the Alternative Media, Talk Radio etc. The Status Quo is aware that we are waking the people up. There are those who feel that it is only a short matter of time before, one way or another, something happens “requiring” Obama to suspend the Constitution, Declare Martial Law and, with his brand new private SS at his service, all too easily subjugate this nation.

Do I really buy into this idea? I didn’t for the longest time. Then, recently, our local Sheriff’s office received two armored Humvees equipped with turret mounted heavy  machine guns courtesy of the DHS. While the S.O. has not officially made any statements regarding these vehicles it is no secret that they are for use in the event of widespread civil unrest. Armored? Heavy Machine Guns? Civil unrest?

Yeah. Its got me thinking.,,

God’s Grace and Peace be with you in these uncertain times.