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At What Point Does Enough Become Too Much

At What Point Does Enough Become Too Much  

With the recent Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act one has to wonder if there is a point at which the American People finally say: TOO MUCH!

Genesis 2:24, "For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh."

Heb. 13:4, "Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge."

So much has changed since the Obamination came along. We have seen widespread abuse of power, corruption in the DOJ, DHS, DOD and the IRS – Just to mention a few. Americans are beginning to realize that their privacy and freedoms have been significantly impacted, the economy is not improving and by all accounts it is heading for another collapse and we are only just beginning to see the ramifications of long term legislation like Obamacare. This Supreme Court decision is another straw for the camel's back.

Regardless of one’s ideological leanings, if you are intellectually honest, you have to confess that Obama has done irreversible damage to this country, economically, and culturally. The deficit and the enormous debt we are incurring on top of an economy that has been abused to the point of instability has the country facing a probable collapse of proportions unlike anything we have ever seen. To insure the economy cannot recover, we have Obamacare which is just now making itself felt with higher insurance premiums, doctor shortages, the loss of specialists, and a projected increase in our already unmanageable deficit – An increase Obama claimed would be offset by savings in other areas in his health care plan - numbers that have now been admitted to have been completely fabricated. The committee needed a way to offset the additional costs and at Obamas urging they simply fudged the numbers. Even Obama’s own people are jumping ship on this issue. There is little wonder that it was done behind closed doors with none of O’s vaunted transparency.

On top of this we find that what was left of our privacy is now gone and that we are being watched and recorded like inmates in a correctional facility. We now have proof of what we all knew: The IRS is specifically targeting Conservative and Christian groups and individuals who question big government and the Administration. Even Obama’s propagandists are not impervious. There was a great hue and cry when it was discovered that the administration was spying on journalists along with everyone else. That furor has died down a little now that Obama has reassured his media people that the snooping was for “National Security Purposes” (wink,wink) ie; the victims of the snooping were mostly anti-Obama columnists, or Conservative media personalities. The few liberals who were spied on as well complained only a little, being the sycophants that they are, it would appear Obama has appeased them enough to go right back to work covering his ass. I wonder, though, if they won’t be a little more distrustful of their Great Leader from now on.

I wrote an article a while back asking what had happened to the American People. In fact I have asked that very question quite a few times since Obama was elected and particularly after he was RE-elected! My concern lies in the apathy that appears to have infected our society. As long as they can have their cell phone, Starbucks and TV the American people appear to be able to ignore almost anything.

Polls show, time and time again that the majority of people in this country DO NOT support gay marriage, Obamacare or trust Obama and his government. Polls also show a growing sense among all demographics that our government is out of control. Is America waking up?

I sense that perhaps America is beginning to stir. I would like to think that the people of this country would spring into action for the upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections and that, consequently, they would kick the current status quo to the curb and bring some new, “outside of the beltway” blood in. Elect a bunch of libertarians. That would be a good start!

I hope that the American people don’t disappoint again and remain in apathetic limbo, doing nothing and allowing the full impact of the Obamination to hit this country. The only outcome of that would be chaos and social melt-down. This leads to the nightmare scenario of full on loss of the rule of law, rioting, empty store shelves, starvation, death and violence everywhere until the President declares Martial Law, suspends the Constitution and, ultimately, our Constitutional Representative Republic ceases to exist.

Don’t think that those in the Administration don’t know this. Why do you think Obama has his own private army (DHS)? Why do you think that every Federal Department under the sun has been armed to the hilt. Why does DHS need armored personnel carriers and heavy machine guns and light artillery? Ask yourself this if you are still skeptical. What would bring over five hundred Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, from all over the country together to stand in opposition to Obama and his Administration? Answer: They have all placed their sworn duty to uphold the constitution OVER their own personal interests and joined together to oppose Obama and the Progressives in their unconstitutional attack on our civil rights – chiefly the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. Many of these brave peace officers have placed their careers (and possibly more) at risk by joining this movement against the theft of our constitutional rights.

The Administration knows damn good and well where they are taking this country. If you are one of those who thinks this is all nonsense, tinfoil hat paranoia, please, please, take a moment and ask yourself why on Earth would the Dept. of Homeland Security post armored vehicles with mounted weaponry at different locations all over the country. I have seen it first hand at my own local Sheriff’s Dept. They have two armored Humvees courtesy of the DHS. While the department has not officially addressed the vehicles it is no secret that they are there for the use of the DHS (NOT the S.O.) in the event of widespread “Civil Unrest.”

This country has never before experienced the sheer volume of societal change over such a very short time frame as we have in the past six years. It is too much for any society to assimilate all at once.

Because of this and because, no matter how indoctrinated they are, the Sheeple are not immune from the effects of too much change over too short a time or that nagging feeling that something is just not right. The Propaganda Machine is scrambling to hide it, but the sheer volume of scandals, bad news and stories that just don’t add up and the Sheeple are beginning to take notice and this is resulting in stress and not a little panic – the usual response of sheep when they wake to a possible threat.

Adding to the building stress is the division of our Nation into micro-populations based on ideology and race, with emphasis on the latter. This President, who was supposed to unite and heal this country has created an America more divided than at any other point in its history. Racial tensions, particularly between Blacks and Whites are higher than any time prior.

Since Obama’s election Black on White violence has increased dramatically. The crimes are vicious and brutal and are accompanied by racist threats and taunts - If these attacks were White on Black they would be called Hate Crimes, but in these cases the powers that be have chosen not to refer to them as such. In fact, they do their best to ignore them.

After the Trayvon Martin incident, assaults by mobs of Blacks perpetrated against innocent and often elderly or otherwise defenseless White victims skyrocketed. The MSM has refused to report on this heinous trend so it is hidden from most of America; however the facts, well supported by Police Logs, eye witness accounts and video are indisputable. Apparently Hate-Crimes and Racism can only be committed by those of White European descent. Presently, the Black community has threatened Nationwide rioting and violence if Mr. Zimmerman is found innocent – A very possible outcome because, as the facts come out, it becomes more and more apparent that Zimmerman was indeed defending himself from Martin, who, as it turns out, was more a violent little street thug than the innocent young student he has been portrayed as being.

Kind of on the same subject: Isn’t it incredible to think that, just a little over a decade ago, the entire world recognized Islamists for what they are: A dangerous cult of hate driven bigots bent on ridding the world of anything Semitic, Western or non-Muslim and making Islam the world’s only religion – by any means necessary. There was no debate over Islamists’ intentions, no question about terrorism and suicide bombers, no overlooking Islam’s horrible record on human rights, their acceptance of the abuse of women, rape, rampant pedophilia and lack of tolerance for anything Islamists simply don’t like. Just a decade ago newspapers and magazines detailed Islamist atrocities daily - and rightly so. This wasn’t racism or profiling. It was simply disseminating factual information about a population of reactionary thugs that would stop at virtually nothing to achieve their goals. It’s what used to be called Journalism folks.

Now, somehow in just over a decade, simply using the words Muslim and Terrorist in the same sentence will get you branded an Islamophobe and a racist. In Government or the Military it could get you reprimanded or even fired or discharged. Government intelligence agencies are scrubbing their documents, removing references linking the words Islam and terrorism. Right now we are seeing a movement in progress to change the narrative regarding Islamists, painting them as a peace loving, tolerant people who just want to live quietly among their neighbors and blaming the violence, death and destruction on a few radical elements. Even the radicals get a new paint job. Now the bombers and killers, the home invaders who slit the throats of whole Jewish families; they are portrayed as otherwise kind and peaceful folk who simply couldn’t stand the abuses by Israel and the West and out of sheer frustration at the lack of justice against Zionist and Western aggression, they were forced to take matters into their own hands. This particular spin isn’t getting much traction however. There are a few too many videos out there of Muslims foaming at the mouth to kill some Jews, or indoctrinating their kids to hate Jews and Americans because they are the Great and Little Satan(s). Despite all the evidence otherwise we are still being conditioned daily by our media, our schools and our government to believe this new narrative, this lie!

So, now, here in 2013, Islamists are Peaceful, Compassionate and Tolerant of the views and beliefs of others. They wish to only assimilate peacefully into whatever community they find themselves. As for the atrocities committed by other’s of their ideology, well, they are extremists and radicals who are driven to such horrible acts by the oppression by the evil Zionist usurpers and the Western (mostly American-Republicans) who support them. But you can’t hold an entire culture to blame for the acts of a few extremists can you? Yes, actually you can, when the rest of that “entire culture” was, for the most part, silent when asked to condemn the acts of the so-called extremists. Those very, very few who did speak out against the terrorists were immediately singled out by the very Imams, mullahs, muftis etc. that the “entire culture” claimed spoke for them and condemned on every Arab Network in the world. No, when a whacko Christian blows up an abortion clinic the ENTIRE Christian community, as one, condemns the act and the terrorist. They reach out to the community and to all those involved rendering aid in any way they can. Can you say that about Islam. No, of course you cannot.

As an aside; it has been leaked that the DHS considers “Fundamentalist Christians” a bigger threat to National Security than Al-Qaeda. Sad, how far this country has strayed.

Equally confounding is how a minority of sexual deviants have convinced an entire country that they (the deviants) actually comprise a significant portion of the population. While a significant segment of the country has been bamboozled into believing approximately 25% of the country is LGBT the real numbers show that their numbers are less than 4% of the American population, this according to data compiled by a pro LGBT think tank. Gallup and other polling organizations indicate a number closer to 1.8%. Nevertheless, through disinformation, bullying and overwhelming control of the media, this small group of sodomites has managed to amass more power than minority groups with numbers far greater. They have also managed to vilify the last remaining vestige of Christian Moral Guidance in this country. The Christian Church.

Through their influence in the media, Orthodox/Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christians have been portrayed as rabid homophobes; hate filled bigots unable to “open their hearts” and accept the homosexual lifestyle as a natural and positive influence on American society. Conservative Christians are thought of as closed minded, judgmental hypocrites so full of their own self-righteousness that they are unable to grasp the concept that the times are changing and that if God doesn’t change with the times He, God, will be left behind along with those few who still believe in Him. The fulfillment of Bible Prophecy coming from the lips of the very people who “have left God behind.”

Rom 1:28  Furthermore, because they did not think it worthwhile to keep knowing God fully, God delivered them to degraded minds to perform acts that should not be done.

Bringing the two together we have the new “Evangelical Christian” church comprised of a union of a number of liberal denominations and new ear-tickling religious movements such as the Emergent and Word Faith movements whose doctrine is based on a smattering of Biblical doctrine mixed liberally with a significant amount of universalist and new age paganism. Compounding this; several big name Mega-Church Pastors have, in the spirit of love and tolerance (note: sarcasm), embraced homosexual marriage and concluded that Christianity must evolve along with the culture and, that in today’s world, homosexuality should not necessarily be considered a sin. Some of these churches have openly gay staff and even gay Pastors/Ministers.

The latest sacrilege in these same churches is the opening of their Pulpits to Islamist preachers and anti-Israeli/pro-Palestinian apologists. The Pastors of these churches have gone so far as to declare that Christians and Muslims share the same god and both religions lead to the same place. The false doctrine emerging from this unholy union, branded “Chrislam,” embraces the ‘all roads lead to the same god’ philosophy and somehow seeks to combine the two polar opposites together.

All of these changes in our culture have happened in such a very short time. Six years. Yes, of course the Sodomites have been increasing in strength and influence for decades, and it is undeniable that George Bush played a role in some of our economic woes and cultural challenges as well. That being said, it is without debate that since Obama was elected this country has been rocked by a rapid fire series of political and cultural changes that have left many Americans shaking their heads in confusion wondering how we got here and just where we are going. It is disconcerting to think that the future of the country lies in the hands of confused and disoriented American voters trying to catch up with the past six years. Add to that a significant segment of American voters who insured a second term for Obama because they were too apathetic to even vote! Needless to say, those of us who are up to speed and engaged have a big job ahead!

Nevertheless I hold out hope. Throughout this country Bloggers and Citizen Journalists supplementing the New/Alternative Media such as Breitbart, Drudge, WND, NewsMax and countless others are getting the facts out. Those who are tuned in and up to speed are spreading the word at work, home, at their kids soccer games, in line at the supermarket – all over – and it is making a difference. The movement is growing. The last several scandals touched the nerves of many who were either on the fence toward Obama or were burned out and uninterested. They are interested now. But we have to keep them in play.

If we are unable to change the make-up of the Senate and do away with or at least minimize the liberals in the house in 2014 then it is not hyperbole to suggest that this country, at least as we know it, is doomed; that this grand experiment in Representative Democracy will have failed and our future will lie in a more and more repressive neo-Marxist Socialist Oligarchy. If, however, we can change the make-up of our representatives then we can begin, legislatively and in the courts, to dismantle the Obama Machine. Do that and in 2016 we will have a significant chance of changing the course this Country is on.

The bad news is that, as much as I am holding out hope that the Conservatives, Libertarians and Common Sense Democrats who either sat out or hid out through the last election will rise up and shake off whatever it is that is keeping them disengaged, I wonder if it isn’t already too late. So much damage has been done to our economy and our culture – And I haven’t even touched on the train wreck that is our foreign policy and our standing among the world’s Nations – So much damage is hard to bounce back from.

And if we are victorious, then we face another enormous problem. It is that repairing the damage done by the Progressives is going to be painful. Very Painful! All of the wonderful goodies (entitlements) are going to have to be scaled back dramatically and many completely done away with. This includes corporate, farm and industry entitlements as well as social give aways. There will be pain enough for everyone – NO Sacred Cows! For us to succeed as a Nation we must be aware of this and be willing to endure the pain so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be ensured a bright future in a country by and for the people where they are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately there are a vast, vast number of our population who care nothing for the future of this country. While they won’t lift a finger to support themselves, they will get off their couches to riot in the streets in a hot second if it means they have to give up one iota of whatever their entitlements might be. Inner-city blacks with too many children fathered by too many random men are almost all on one form of government assistance or another. It is a vicious cycle that persists generation after generation. Go ahead, call me a racist if you wish, however the numbers bear me out. And, there are other problems. We have Latinos crossing the border illegally and travelling to liberal States where they are enrolled in government assistance programs, their children educated, their health care paid for by tax paying citizens. They work menial jobs so they aren’t home to care for their children. Child care is left to the older children or relatives or even just friends. The lack of structure and familia – a foundation of their culture – makes them fodder for gangs who substitute the gang for the familia they lack at home. Latin gangs are the fastest growing, most organized and most dangerous of all other gangs in this country. (Once again the stats bear me out). Next, coming over the border with the Latinos, we welcome known terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. For giggles someday go to this link and see how many terrorists came across the border just in 2010 – these are just the ones they caught. You will have your eyes opened. And, yes, of course, we have a large number of Caucasians milking the system for every red cent they can. Masters of the Entitlement system, whites in particular have created an underground economy fueled by Entitlement money, food stamps and drugs.

In order to insure they stay in power, liberals make it easier and more lucrative for immigrants to receive government assistance than it is to look for a job. They fill the voter rolls with people who have no business living on the public dole, yet, if progressives can keep them there then they have just purchased a guaranteed constituency for life. Anyone recognizing the unsustainable nature of the system is branded a heartless racist and is quickly drummed out of politics. Elected officials trying to bring reason and accountability to the system risk losing in the next voting cycle. This year immigration will be a make or break issue for a number of Republicans. There is the impression that if they don’t embrace the immigration reform Republicans have no way to keep certain key seats in the House and Senate. However, Conservative groups are putting a great deal of pressure on key candidates to reject immigration reform or lose their constituency. Just like all liberal issues, immigration plays on the emotions of the voter. Those who oppose these issues are made to look heartless and mean spirited. Yet, few consider the fact that liberals jeopardize the security of our Nation with their political games. And, its working. It is the proverbial rock/hard place scenario and it is dividing those who oppose the Progressives right when we most need to be united!  

The Progressives are very, very close to closing escrow on their takeover of the USA. They have key elements in place, they are in control of the IRS, DHS, DOJ etc. They have replaced Ranking Military Officers in the DOD with those sympathetic to the Progressive Ideology. They have carefully sifted those reluctant to engage American Citizens and have trained their special units using simulated domestic targets. They control the Media and with the implementation of the NDAA with specific enhancements done by Executive Order, with a signature the government can control everything.

The only thing holding them back is the vast amount of guns and ammunition in the hands of the American People – And please don’t give me that crap about small arms and hunting rifles being ineffective against a modern army. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq! That is why there is such hysterical, almost manic effort currently underway to either do away with private gun ownership all together or make it too expensive to own a gun or purchase ammunition. If things don’t change those days are right around the corner, friend, and when the guns are gone so too will go the Constitution. You are a fool if you believe otherwise.

We live in a country that, for now, is run BY and for the people. If WE don’t run the country responsibly, but instead we let our employees (elected representatives) run amok so long as they keep giving us stuff, then eventually we will get just what we deserve. In business, you go out of business. In the case of our country it is more profound: We lose our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

God Bless You All,

PostScript:  The Bible makes no reference to the US in the future prophecies which are about to be played out on the world stage. My guess is that is because America will be unable or unwilling to be embroiled in another middle east war – Just one of many prophecies that I believe we will soon see. Whether the country is crippled by the Rapture, financially unstable, politically unwilling or embroiled in our own civil war, it is irrelevant. The fact remains that the US is not a significant part of Bible Prophecy. Some have used this as an excuse to give up on the country, focus on preparing for social unrest and waiting for the Rapture. While I believe in this to a point, I refuse to give up on my country and my countrymen! I will continue  in my efforts to wake people up to Jesus Christ and to the Truth, both of which go hand in hand and until God speaks to my heart otherwise, I will continue praying for the success of this country!



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