Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pastor Chuck Smith


On Thursday, October 3 Pastor Chuck Smith moved out of the ragged tent in which he had been living and into a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  2 Corinthians, 5:1

For the last several years Pastor Chuck used to quip about his obituary stating that Chuck Smith had died. “That’s bad reporting,” he would say, “what it should say is Chuck Smith moved.” That sense of humor and a deep abiding love for Jesus and the Word epitomize who Chuck Smith was for us who knew him through his radio and video ministries.

While I never met him, Pastor Chuck was still my spiritual mentor and teacher for many years. After stumbling upon his radio show many years ago, To Every Man an Answer, I became enamored with his Sound, low key, Bible based teaching style. I was sick of all the over the top ‘Televangelist’ types and the churches in our small town were so full of gossips and their little cliques that I didn’t attend church – not a valid excuse I know now, but at that time it served to keep me away.

When I heard Pastor Chuck for the first time it was as if the Holy Spirit washed over me in the form of a cool refreshing breeze. My spiritual life was suddenly renewed and I soon began listening to Pastor Chuck’s tapes and following his show, The Word for Today. I largely credit Pastor Chuck with the cherished relationship with the Lord that I enjoy today. It is obvious, looking back, that the Lord used Pastor Chuck to play an important part in who I am today. I look forward to meeting him in Heaven and thanking him.

These days I attend a wonderful church and have solid Christian friends whose fellowship and friendship I cherish. Nevertheless, I still listen to Pastor Chuck’s teachings (the C2000 series) as I make my way through the word, book by book. That is another thing I picked up from Pastor Chuck. Start at Genesis and read all the way to Revelation. Then, start again. I do get side tracked as I research for these essays or as I am prompted by the Holy Spirit, but I find I always wind up picking up where I left off eventually and continuing my journey book by book through the word of The Living God.

So, it is with great joy and happiness that I bid my teacher, not farewell, no way.


Pastor Chuck – I’ll See You Soon!

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