Saturday, November 16, 2013


Once Again the Trans Pacific Partnership is making the news as WikiLeaks publishes the text of this devious legislation. Some time ago I wrote an article on this threat to our sovereignty and I thought it was time I re-publish the article, just to keep it in people's minds. It is imperative this legislation be fought to the bitter end!

Return For Full Refund

Did you know that a committee under the Obama administration is negotiating a treaty that, when signed, would give an international CORPORATE tribunal authority to supersede the US Constitution. Of course you don’t. Why? Because it is being done in secret!

600 CORPORATE analysts have top secret access to the text. But Democrat Ron Wyden who is supposed to have oversight over such agreements has been forbidden access to the text of the agreement. He is so furious he isintroducing legislation forcing the committee to provide him with text of the agreement. Republican Darrell Issa went so far as to post a leaked chapter of the secret agreement on his website.

Why the secrecy?

Because this agreement is so odious, so deceitful, so unconstitutional that those negotiating it know that if it sees the light of day it will have little hope of being successfully implemented.

This “trade” agreement has little to do with trade and everything to do with giving tyrannical powers to globalist corporations. Out of 26 chapters of comprehensive rules only 2 have anything at all to do with trade. The text gives enforceable authority to a corporate tribunal that would supersede our own constitution. The agreement is essentially a Trojan Horse disguised as a trade agreement which gives globalists control over American corporations without the protection of the US Constitution.

This agreement, branded the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP would limit how signatory countries may regulate foreign firms operating within their boundaries, with requirements to provide them greater rights than domestic firms. The leaked text reveals a two-track legal system, with foreign firms empowered to skirt domestic courts and laws to directly sue TPP governments in foreign tribunals. There they can demand compensation for domestic financial, health, environmental, land use laws and other laws they claim undermine their new TPP privileges.

As revealed in Section B of the leaked text, these tribunals would not meet standards of transparency, consistency or due process common to TPP countries’ domestic legal systems or provide fair, independent or balanced venues for resolving disputes between sovereign nations and private investors. For instance, in a manner that would be unethical for judges, the tribunals would be staffed by private sector lawyers that rotate between acting as “judges” and as advocates for the investors suing the governments.

Indeed, the leaked text shows that TPP would expand on the extreme investor privileges found in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and subsequent NAFTA-style deals. These investor privileges have come under attack for threatening public health, the environment, democratic policymaking, and for favoring foreign firms over domestic firms and are opposed by both the left and the right.

The secrecy surrounding these proceedings and the continued dissimilation over the leaked text indicates that the Obama administration is intent on pushing through this agreement which subverts our National Sovereignty for the interests of the globalists. This is handing George Soros and his ilk exactly what they want and proves that Obama is bought and paid for. So much for is vaunted transparency. Since he was elected his has been the most paranoid and secretive presidency since Nixon.

It is an outrage that an agreement such as this is even being considered much less endorsed by our President. It shows that the American People must be on their guard now more than ever for it is evident that Mr. Obama values global interests over domestic sovereignty. Obama, groomed, purchased and packaged by the globalists. I just hope that America, now that they see what is in the package, return it for a full refund!

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