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My Last Article of the Year

My Last Article of the Year

Revolution. Just the word brings a landslide of derision from just about everyone in the room when it is used in relation to the current state of our country and its out of control Government. Party affiliation doesn’t matter, liberal or conservative everyone thinks that Revolution to restore this Republic to its Constitutional foundation is an absurd, extremist solution that only radicals and rightwing nuts might consider.

That said, it is an unfortunate fact, in my mind, that Revolution is the only way remaining to restore this country to its intended way of government. Here is why I say this:

The overwhelming evidence that Barak Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, is not who or what he appears to be is completely ignored by the MSM and the powers in our government who are charged with protecting us from just such an infiltration as we have in Obama/Soetoro.

In the very least a congressional investigation should have been ordered based on the inconsistencies in his book, his known history and his efforts to cover his past through sealing of records etc. The fact that nothing at all was done shows, beyond doubt, that everyone in both houses is complicit in this Treason and that our entire government has been compromised.

Further reason that Revolution is the only solution left to the American People is Benghazi.

Despite direct evidence from personnel on the ground prior to and during the Benghazi incident and the passage of a year since the incident, no charges have been filed other than those punishing the Heroes who responded to help despite being ordered not to and “unnamed” suspects in Libya. Other than that the only punishment has been to Officers and Personnel who questioned or disobeyed orders to stand down.

Despite, again, overwhelming evidence of government gun-running, gross negligence regarding insuring security for our Ambassador and staff and obvious conspiracy and cover up to protect those responsible such as Hillary Clinton, the MSM and those in our government charged with ensuring things like this don’t happen have covered up the entire incident. Both parties are equally culpable again leaving the American People with no recourse whatsoever in resolving this matter.

Despite many more reasons that could be listed I am only listing three (simply pay a visit to any alternative news source such as WND, NewsMax, Drudge or Breitbart and search on Obama scandals for a start if you want more) and lastly I am listing the build up of Weapons, Ammunition, Armored Vehicles and Heavy Weapons by our Federal Government’s Domestic Enforcement Agencies.

It is no secret, in fact it is impossible to hide the fact that our government has been stockpiling Military Spec. Weapons such as fully automatic M16’s and other automatic weapons, millions of rounds of service (not training) ammunition. In addition they have acquired thousands of Military Armored Vehicles which they have posted all around the country (I have mentioned the two armored, machine gun equipped Humvees outside my local Sheriff’s Department owned by the DHS in prior articles). They also have in their armory, light artillery weapons, mortars and rocket launchers.
I defy anyone to explain to me why the DHS, FBI or any other Domestic agency needs tanks and rocket launchers! Their explanation is they are for use in the event of Civil Unrest. What scale of Civil Unrest do they expect and for what reason? Also, it is the National Guard which the State Governor has to call upon if necessary. It is not the place of any of these agencies to arbitrarily address unrest in a particular state. Of course, the usurper, Obama signed in special powers to FEMA, DHS and to himself in particular which allows the Fed to bypass State Authority. With a signature Obama can turn this country into a dictatorship given the proper set of circumstances.

Obama has circumvented the Constitution time after time via Executive Order. The only incident that was challenged was his illegal recess appointments to the Labor Board which are making their way through the courts. Obama stepped on the toes of his friends this time. However, there was little protest over the other illegal executive orders on everything from gun control to carbon emissions.

I wish to point out that private organizations such as the NRA, The Heritage Foundation and the ACLJ have been fighting for our rights tooth and nail. However it is our own representatives in Congress and the Senate who have sold out. Besides making a few token appearances on the MSM and putting out a PSA or two there is very little being done by our supposed Republicans despite their majority in the House. Where, I ask, do their allegiances truly lie?

I have come to believe that all Federal politicians are owned by the machine that is Global Banking. The more I read and study, the more it is apparent that a few very powerful entities pull the strings of most of the countries of the world – to one extent or another. The US and the EU are two whose economies rely so heavily on fiat money and the free exchange thereof that it gives the Global Banking cabal tremendous leverage and power – Enough to pull the strings of every schmuck in Congress and even buy a President.

So, what do you think? Any viable candidate for Federal office will be beholding to these Globalists. On their first day in office it is pointed out to them that if they want to bring home the bacon to their constituents not to mention keep the cash coming in to their own greedy pockets that they better play ball.

Our government is no longer by the people or for the people. I honestly think that if people were to begin protesting albeit, peacefully, in large numbers across the country that an event would quickly be contrived to excuse the use of those wonderful new powers Obama made for himself which were never challenged, even by our supposed “conservatives” in office. Nope, I think that ship has sailed and there is only one option left and it is the worst and most perilous of all. Even if the best possible result was achieved, that the military sided with the constitutional militias and armed conflict was limited and over in a matter of a few days with Obama etal incarcerated and a new Administration installed, would the new leaders be willing to return power to the people? Would we wind up with something worse? A military dictatorship? A country completely divided with armed conflict between states? Is it possible in these days for our country to actually be restored to a Republican Democracy as intended with the majority of power in the hands of the States or would there always be that desire for centralized power.

Power corrupts. That is truth. Mankind is utterly and completely corruptible.

I wish I had the answers. I wish voters had been more responsible decades ago when it was obvious that the Federal Government was beginning to centralize power. I wish voters were more responsible now, though they very well may be and it is just that the voting process is so corrupted that it no longer matters. Perhaps it doesn’t…

This is a rather sad and gloomy commentary on the last year. I pray that the next is better but I honestly don’t see that it will.

Therefore, I keep my eyes on Jesus Christ and if you don’t you might want to consider doing so. Sooner or later this world will be judged. Look around. You can see Bible Prophecy being fulfilled all around you. Only fools deny it for what it is. Do you want to spend eternity in torment for rejecting Christ and His free offer of Salvation?

Judgment will come, sooner or later, however you could die any second. I do not recommend waiting. Besides, in Christ we have hope. We know that something far better waits for us and in the mean time we have God’s Holy Spirit dwelling within us comforting and guiding us in these dark times as well as a family of millions of fellow believers who worship the True and Living God.

Next year will come, for better or for worse. However it is encouraging to note: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Note that Paul says ‘in all things’ so we know that no matter how bad things appear, they all work together for good. On that note:

God Bless All of You, My Readers, and Your Loved Ones As Well!

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