Friday, December 12, 2014


It’s disappointing to say this, but it is really no surprise that John Boehner and the Republicans, even though they were just handed a mandate by the American People to fight everything that President Obama and the Democrats stand for, have just stabbed those same people in the back.

Despite an undeniable National rejection of President Obama’s “Hope and Change” and the Democrats Marxist Socialism as well as having the trust and support of the American People handed to them on a silver platter, the Republicans in Congress led by John Boehner and his crew threw their lot in with the President and the Democrats. Inexplicably, despite the recent victory, the Republicans just passed a budget handing Obama practically everything he wanted, funds the Democrats pet programs including Obamacare and – this is the real knife in the back – Boehner and company refused to touch Obama’s illegal assault on the constitution and our National Sovereignty: Obama’s Amnesty program!

Granted, the makeup of the House and Senate has not changed yet. Boehner’s rationale for his grand capitulation was the looming budget deadline and the perceived need to avoid a government shutdown. Boehner and those who back this 1.1 trillion dollar abomination claim that the democrat controlled Senate would fight any changes the Republicans might propose and even if a revised budget passed the Senate, Obama would never sign it. This would obviously result in an overdue budget and a “shutdown of the Federal Government.”

They point to the possibility of a shut down as if it would deal some kind of devastating  death blow to the country. Their cowardice is disgusting, just disgusting. There have been 18 government shutdowns going back to 1970. The longest, in 1995 during the Clinton Administration, was three weeks in duration and resulted in a number of government employees being furloughed and the closure of some non-essential services. Despite all that, once a budget was approved, the government resumed normal operations as if nothing had happened. Despite this. Despite the fact that the responsibility for a government shutdown would lie directly with the Senate Democrats and the President and despite the fact that the Republicans, by submitting a bill which addressed the funding (or, defunding) of the rampant byproducts of lawlessness which exist throughout every level of federal government thanks to this President, his Administration and the Democrats in the House and Senate, would be doing the will of the people – as made undeniably clear by the recent elections and literally hundreds of opinion pols – yes, despite all this our Republican Leadership chose to cave, to capitulate, to surrender, to kiss the ass of the worst (arguably) President this country has ever seen.

It goes beyond reason and almost into the realm of conspiracy theories when trying to understand the victory Boehner and Co. handed a lame duck, supremely unpopular and largely, by now, irrelevant President and his equally unpopular Democrat Cohorts. Whatever the case, whether it was cowardice, conspiracy or plain laziness this budget and the Republicans refusal to deal with Amnesty constitute a betrayal of monumental proportion and what effect it will have on the 2016 elections remains to be seen. The American Voter has an unfortunately short memory nevertheless, if I had to guess, a year and a half are not nearly enough to forget this betrayal of trust.

It is better to take shelter in the LORD than to trust in people. Psalms 118:8  
It is better to take shelter in the LORD than to trust in princes. Psalms 118:9  

Flawless is the work of the Rock, because all his ways are just. A faithful God—never unjust—righteous and upright is he. Deu 32:4  

I learned a long time ago not to put my faith in men – especially politicians. As this country ages all of the concerns of the founders are coming to fruition. Centralization of government, lack of God resulting in moral decline and a population addicted to entitlements are just a few things the founders warned of over two hundred years ago. They knew the dangers of a government based on the principles of a representative republic. If the populace lacks self-control, education, Biblical principles and a concern for the common good it cannot survive. This was agreed upon by all the founders, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin etc.

So, what do you think our chances are particularly considering this most recent budget? Poor, at best? Non existent?

Where do you think your faith should be?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson and Hate

As I sit in my office tonight listening to the chaos in Ferguson on the radio scanner I can’t help but feel anger and disgust.

At the moment it sounds like there is a fire which has been lit in a Walgreens drug store and a MacDonald’s restraunt. Additionally, squad cars are on fire, shots have been fired at officers. All in all it is total chaos. The shame is that any positive dialogue that may have come from the shooting of Mr. Brown has been lost in the violence and destruction.

The fact that becomes quite evident quite soon is that the Black Community and the race baiting hate-mongers including hacks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have no interest in Justice or venting frustration over a lack of justice. In fact, at the very heart of this lies nothing more than hate for the plantation that owns their souls. What is pitiful is that it is scum like Jackson and Sharpton who work very, very hard at keeping African Americans on the plantation. That’s who they work for. And, it is the African’s treasured Democrats that run the plantation. What is so frustrating is how ignorant, how lazy, how complacent African Americans are when a few simple changes could set them free from the chains of Entitlements that keep them within the walls of the plantation. They could just walk away. There is a problem however: Social Security, General Assistance and Obama-Phones, food stamps, health care - The Plantation Mentality.

And so here I am listening to more fires being set in Ferguson and surrounding communities. At the same time widespread looting and vandalizing are in progress as Backs run rampant and unchecked throughout the cities destroying the property of those who employ many of them and damaging small businesses to the point their owner’s will not be able to start over. Out of business for good.

Where in any of this is justice? If every single one of these perpetrators was shown the hard evidence used in determining the verdict do you think a single one of them would change or at least re-think their actions? What if they were introduced to the Man and Wife who owned the little trinket store that was burned up in this madness. Would they change their actions then? My guess: Probably not. As I said, this isn’t about justice for Mr. Brown. This is about hate for the plantation, hate for whites because that is what they are told to do by Jackson, Sharpton and the rest, and hate for themselves – for selling their souls right back to the plantation from which they were freed two hundred years ago.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
                                                                                                                            Isa 3:4

Obama – our Child Prince. In Isaiah 3:4 the prophet was not talking about literal children, rather, he was warning that God, in response to their continued sin and disobedience, would allow immature and/or inexperienced, incompetent leaders to come to rule over the kingdom of Israel/Judah.
‘Wo to thee, O land, when thy king is a child;’  Ecc10:16
‘…O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.’ Isa 3:12

I believe that what we are seeing today, in the United States, can be compared directly to what happened to the ancient Nation of Israel. I am in the camp that believes God is allowing our Nation to suffer in order to bring about repentance for the rejection of Jesus Christ and Biblical Principles which has grown in intensity and scope over the past sixty years or so. This Nation which was so blessed and protected by God for its collective dedication to Jesus Christ and adherence to the Principles of His word now stands unprotected –  justly reaping the repercussions, the wages, of the Nation’s sin and outright rejection of God.

The President and his cabinet as well as a great many in both houses of Congress – the leadership of our wayward Nation –  are exactly the kind of leaders that our Holy God allowed to bring ruin down upon the kingdom of Israel. An example that compares very well with the governance of the current occupant of the Whitehouse is the Kingship of Rehoboam, son of Solomon. Rehoboam inherited a Kingdom that was relatively stable though it suffered from economic distress related to the excesses of the prior king, King Solomon 1Kings 11. There was social unrest due to the rise of idolatry in the kingdom as well as a pending revolt over the taxes being extracted from the people. Rehoboam, instead of relying on the advice of older and wiser men, listened to younger advisors, many his friends, all of whom simply told him what he wanted to hear (sound familiar?). As a result Rehoboam alienated those around him, some who had great wisdom, power and influence. All of this set the stage for the downfall of the Kingdom.

Similarly, President, Obama inherited an economy that was precarious as well as various social issues which needed to be addressed such as immigration reform for example. Unfortunately, like Rehoboam, Obama turned out to be a bumbling incompetent completely unequipped to deal with the critical issues confronting him. Instead of listening to older more experienced advisors on the issues facing the country, Obama relied on friends and younger, less experienced men who were untried and inept and who brought little to the table other than socialist economic experimentation and reform in the form of cultural liberalism.

The result was a disaster. While wiser men advised allowing the banking crisis to run its natural course, correcting the errors through the existing system of bankruptcy courts – a system that was designed precisely for such contingencies, Obama’s young guns, lead by Timothy Geithner chose to pour Billions of dollars into a corrupt and broken system. The result was a giant debt hung around the necks of generations of our progeny and a huge windfall for a few elite bankers and global industrialists, the loss of hundreds, perhaps thousands of small businesses and a stagnate economy that has since drawn out into the longest recession on record with unemployment at levels (based on real numbers, not false govt. data) not seen since the great depression. According to a study by the Heritage Foundation there are 6.9 million fewer Americans looking for work than were in 2007. 6.9 million! The number is staggering and that number is the only reason the Obama Administration can point to an unemployment figure of only 6%. It is a fraud. Because the Dept. of Labor does not account for those they consider “no longer part of the labor force” they are no longer included in the calculation of the rate of unemployment. The true picture of unemployment in this country is much, much worse, in fact it is truly frightening. Some put it at over twenty percent unemployed. What is equally frightening is how many of the people who make up this new demographic are now reliant on the government for their subsistence. As employment shrank, so welfare, disability and food stamp programs grew.

One wonders how our government can avoid rebellion over this outrage. Its not just the economy where we see the clumsy struggles of those completely our of their league in governing this Nation. It is also in various scandals that we see the childish arrogance of these “Princes.” Scandals like the IRS vs Christian Non-Profits and the Benghazi tragedy or the wildly unpopular Obamacare and the lies about keeping one’s own doctor make it truly a head-shaker that Prince Obama and his Administration remain in power. There is a reason behind this apparent defiance of logic. Obama’s greatest gift comes right from Satan himself: He, Obama, is an extremely adept liar. This can be said for most of his Administration as well. From Eric Holder and his ‘In-Justice’ Department to Lois Lerner and the Internal Revenue Service, Obama’s lackeys do one thing and say another, or, they simply say nothing. Lerner pleads the 5th and Holder defies a court ordered deadline for handing over documents requested by Judicial Watch. Despite contempt of congress, special investigators and congressional committees and now a Federal Judge – always this wicked Administration manages to avoid paying for their bumbling ineptitude, arrogance, lies and crimes against the People. While two of the greatest scandals since Watergate play out, those in the Whitehouse and the Administration simply circle the wagons and insist that there is nothing untoward going on. “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.” Please don’t mistake this ability to avoid justice for intelligence or cunning on their part; they are just as inept and fatuous as their bumbling suggests. However, there is a spiritual protection woven about them which allows them to fool those who lack discernment. Satan, the Prince of the Air is a master liar and manipulator of Popular Culture and the Main Stream Media (MSM).  In fact, it is the MSM which plays the integral role in protecting these witless wonders. The constant spin churned out by the news channels, talk shows and the liberal political machine creates a narrative completely opposite to reality and the truth. Other forces are at work behind the scenes as well and as long as Obama and his Administration continue to drive this country further and further over the brink they will continue to make absolutely certain that the truth does not come out.

The powers behind Obama are not only expert at spinning the narrative. They are also tuned into the latest information technology. Taking advantage of Social Media, mindless drones ply the internet with an uncountable barrage of messages deriding any who disagree with the Administration’s narrative. Where they are unable to manufacture a story strong enough to stand up to scrutiny they, instead, attack the source personally and pour ridicule upon the messenger knowing it will drip onto the message. They cannot address the veracity of the facts. However, if they can humiliate or seemingly discredit the source then they can avoid dealing with the messy truth. With the press compromised, the watchdog that formerly alerted the people when a burglar had stolen into their house now simply wags its tail and begs for treats from those who are stealing our rights and our government from us. The sorry fools and sycophants protecting the tools in the Administration are either too stupid or too corrupt to care that they are being manipulated. Personally, I think even the most dimwitted sycophant, no matter how enamored of their messiah, Obama, has to know in his/her heart that they are working for the devil when they eschew the facts for party propaganda, the truth for spin. I only hope they know of the terrible price they will pay if they don’t repent and seek salvation.

How long, then must we endure child princes ruling over our precious nation. Only God knows the answer to that question. God is loving to a degree we cannot fully comprehend. His mercy and grace exceed our understanding:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Ch_7:14  

There is hope that things can be turned around. Just as a single sinner can repent from his sin and find restoration in Jesus Christ, an entire Nation can be healed if the people repent and seek God.

Only God Himself knows what the future holds for the USA. If the right people are elected to leadership in this country, if we get a President and leaders who can undo the damage and the divisions created by Obama and unite the Nation in returning to the Godly principles and values that made us great then, perhaps, by God’s grace, we can overcome the challenges we face and rise victorious. God gave mankind the freewill to accept Him or reject Him. We can follow His plan for life as laid out in the Bible or we can choose to do things our way. When a nation is following God He blesses that nation – we are proof of that. He will raise up leaders for that nation who are wise and who seek His guidance in governing. However, if a nation rejects Him and seeks to go its own way He will allow that nation to do so, just as He allowed this nation to choose Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Feinstein and so on - and He will allow us to continue to elect Godless fools should we choose to. Rest assured there are plenty of those presently running for office not to mention incumbents seeking to continue defrauding the American people. I pray that America has learned her lesson. I pray that we will reject these “Princes” and elect a new crop of principled men and women to office. I pray there will be a revival of Godly faith that will sweep across the Nation. We are seeing small revivals occurring in various places across the country. There is some reason to hope!

However, if we don’t see change this November and especially in 2016 then I must give way to what my gut tells me. And, my gut tells me that this country has wandered too far and has become hopelessly lost. I am hard pressed to find any candidates I can get behind. Even the most conservative hopefuls seem to be playing both sides on LGBT issues or dealing with the rise of militant Islam in the US and particularly on Immigration. How then can you trust them? There is also the question of the credibility of our system of voting and vote counting. The last election cast serious doubts on the entire process. Can we really trust the outcome of the vote in coming elections?

There is also the question of whether Obama and the power elite behind him will willingly turn over power in 2016. While I think it extremely unlikely that Obama would refuse to relinquish the Presidency, there are intelligent, credible men and women from the military and federal intelligence and enforcement agencies who raise frightening points about Obama and the buildup of arms and armor via Homeland Security which are presently positioned around the country. They point to laws, passed by executive order, giving the President unconstitutional authority in the event of an “Emergency,” something he is allowed to define. We also have a number of pressing issues that endanger our National Stability; Immigration, Ebola, escalating Black on White hate crimes, potential terrorist strikes and possible economic crisis’ all of which, if they continue to worsen, could result in social chaos. Any one of these, if it escalates to the point of causing fear, violence and civil unrest, could be used by the President to invoke his new powers, declare martial law and suspend voting. The result of this would likely be a protracted and devastating civil war. The President has to know that he cannot count on everyone in the military to simply follow orders and engage innocent American Citizens without question – that is undoubtedly why he took such pains to arm every Federal agency imaginable. Even Social Security is now armed to the teeth.

As I said, I truly doubt this particular scenario will take place, however we must remember that the US appears nowhere in end times prophecy. This means we either can’t, or won’t take part in any of the major end times events described in the Bible. This could be for any number of reasons. For my part, I pray the reason is because America experiences a nationwide revival with people turning to Jesus Christ as Savior in such numbers that the Rapture leaves the country too busy dealing with all the missing people to be concerned with world events. That’s a scenario I can get behind. Definitely!

Whatever lies ahead is in God’s hands. Right now we have to focus on the present. If we are going to turn things around then this Nation has to change its ways. The only way for this to happen is for Jesus’ church to find its voice again! The spotlight has to be taken away from Chrislam Universalists and other Mega-Church new agers. The real churches, made up of born again believers has to get the message of the FALLEN NATURE of man and the ABSOLUTE NEED FOR A SAVIOR out to the popular culture.

I truly believe that if the body, comprised of the Nation’s bible believing churches, unites behind this message then God will bless it. He will not let it come back void and, God willing, we will have a real revival! But, this Nation must turn from godlessness and the glorification of perversion and re-embrace basic Biblical principles. The only way that will happen is through the conviction of the Holy Spirit via the gospel message. That leads to faith in Jesus Christ! If the people of the United States do not humble themselves, pray and seek God’s face we can count on more incompetent princes, increasing sin, perversion and wickedness and very soon, the violent persecution of Christians here in our own nation. Jesus warned His disciples of these days long ago. We have His warnings there in black and white Luk 21:12. So, take heed. Pray and keep looking up. Our redemption draws nigh! How many go with us depends on getting the message out. We have our work cut out for us. Let’s be about it, shall we…

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My God! Why have you forsaken... US?

My God! Why have you forsaken... US?

Does it seem sometimes like God has forsaken this country? How can a Nation the size of the United States with a population of over three hundred million people change – virtually overnight – from a Nation of Constitutional Law and Social Morals based on the Judeo Christian Ethic into a nation which rejects God and traditional values, ignores Constitutional limits and embraces Humanist philosophy and perversion.

The Answer comes from the realm of the spiritual.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

There is no doubt that this country has turned it’s collective back on God. Major portions of the Old Testament deal with Nations which blaspheme the name of the One True and Living God. The Lord’s displeasure was not just limited to His chosen Nation/People – Israel, but many Nations felt the wrath of an angry Creator when, after raising them up, they failed to take into consideration the reach of His arm and the fierceness of His righteousness. History bears this out when we examine the fates of Nations which He raised and who then, in their pride, turned to false gods, licentiousness and idolatry.

Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her. Jer_51:47  
Then the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD. Jer_51:48  

A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and great destruction from the land of the Chaldeans: Jer_51:54  
Because the LORD hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice; when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered: Jer_51:55  
Because the spoiler is come upon her, even upon Babylon, and her mighty men are taken, every one of their bows is broken: for the LORD God of recompences shall surely requite. Jer_51:56  

Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will punish the king of Babylon and his land, as I have punished the king of Assyria. Jer_50:18  

Thus she committed her whoredoms with them, with all them that were the chosen men of Assyria, and with all on whom she doted: with all their idols she defiled herself. Eze_23:7  

And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders. Mic_5:6  

And he will stretch out his hand against the north, and destroy Assyria; and will make Nineveh a desolation, and dry like a wilderness. Zep_2:13  

And he shall pass through the sea with affliction, and shall smite the waves in the sea, and all the deeps of the river shall dry up: and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down, and the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away. Zec_10:11  

Why should the United States be any different? In fact it, it would be surprising if there were no repercussions for what this country has done to the name of God after He so richly blessed us. As Pastor Chuck Smith once said, “If God doesn’t punish the United States soon He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Pastor Chuck was jesting of course, nevertheless one cannot deny the correlation between the increasingly godless path this country is taking and the increase in everything from devastating storms, floods and droughts to general violence and mayhem. Demonic acts of mass shootings and rampaging gangs targeting victims based on their race. Our economy teeters on the brink of collapse and the power and influence we once enjoyed as the World’s greatest Superpower is degraded to the point of being an international joke.

God has allowed evil leaders to rise to power in order to unwittingly serve His will. To punish Israel and Judah for their transgressions the Lord would raise up Kings and Kingdoms with the specific intent of using them to bring His people back to righteousness. When they failed to heed the warnings He warned them through His prophets. Finally, the Lord allowed His cherished Nation and People to be crushed and taken into captivity that they might remember that they did not become the great country and people they were by themselves, but they had risen to prominence through the protection and blessings of a Loving, but also Holy and Righteous God.

The historical parallels between ancient Judaea and the United States are numerous, so numerous in fact that books and movies have been made documenting the similarities. Whether you agree with them or not there is no disputing that the US was conceived as a Christian Nation by, for the most part, Christian men. Because our society was based on Biblical Principles and our leaders included these principles not only in how they comported themselves but in the very legislation they implemented our Nation grew and flourished, blessed, I am convinced, by God.

Since the “W” Bush years however we have seen a marked increase in societal rejection of God culminating in our current Government leadership and in particular our President and his Administration. There are many who believe the President to be the anti-Christ. I do not agree with this for various reasons (that will be for another essay someday perhaps). What I do believe is that there is most certainly demonic power behind our current president and many in his Administration and the House and Senate as well. The Bible makes references to various princes, lords and kings which are spiritual in nature. In the book of Daniel he, Daniel, is visited by an angel with a message from the Lord. However on the way the messenger was delayed by a demonic spirit requiring Michael the Arch-Angel to intervene:

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. Dan 10:13  

Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come. Dan_10:20

Note that Daniel refers to both the demonic spirit (Fallen Angel) and Michael as princes, that being the term used to mean a powerful angelic being. Many commentators and scholars agree that it can be inferred that the world’s nations have each their own Angelic “Prince.” Barnes, in his commentary quotes Gesenius:

Gesenius explains it in this passage as denoting the “chiefs, princes, and angels; i. e., the archangels acting as patrons and advocates of particular nations before God.” That this is the proper meaning here as deduced from the words is apparent, for
(a) it is an angel that is speaking, and it would seem most natural to suppose that he had encountered one of his own rank;
(b) the mention of Michael who came to his aid - a name which, as we shall see, properly denotes an angel, leads to the same conclusion;
(c) it accords, also, with the prevailing belief on the subject.

There is no reason to think anything has changed. Rather, it seems obvious, knowing that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers Eph 6:12 that, as we neared the return of Jesus Christ, spiritual influence would be behind the rulers of each country.

Yes, I am saying that our president is most definitely guided and influenced by supernatural beings. It is even possible that he is under their complete control. Presently, it is impossible to know for certain.

As an aside, you will notice that I have not used our president’s name. That is because I am not certain what his name really is. He was not born Barack Hussein Obama – that much is certain. We know his first name was likely Barry. Anything more than that is strictly conjecture. The birth certificate the president provided proves nothing. Anyone familiar with digital documents should recognize this. Forget Joe Arpaio, he has discredited himself, however several respected forensic document specialists have come forward since the certificate’s release questioning the document’s veracity and pointing out obvious manipulations of the content. One of these specialists was, at one time, on the “Obama” document team. Once he had inspected the so called ‘Birth Certificate’ however, he concluded it to be a forgery and has publicly stated as much.

Without a valid Birth Certificate who knows what the presidents name and place of birth are. As far as information about his early years and later his college years and his years in Illinois as an attorney and community activist are all clouded in mystery. We have some information from the man himself in his autobiography, however several events and people referred to in his book turn out to be fabrications as has much of the general content. As far as his college years and beyond we know very little. All of his records have been sealed. Records and documents such as thesis’ and so on that every other President has made public as a matter of course have been sealed and hidden from public and government view for this president. In truth we really have no idea who the man in the White House is and I find it exceedingly strange that America would elect him not once, but twice. Unless one factors in the spiritual.

The President has proven himself to be a powerful and charismatic public speaker. Half motivational speaker, half Baptist preacher, he comes across well and is extremely adept at speaking at length but saying nothing of substance. He makes grandiose statements but fails to back them up with any kind of fact or action. Nevertheless, the press and a significant portion of the American Public seem quite mesmerized by him and despite the current state of our country a large number of people still believe in him strongly. This is despite a mountain of lies (‘You can keep your insurance’), scandals (Benghazi, IRS etc.) and missteps (Arab Spring/Russia etc.). Despite his mysterious past, his illegal executive orders, cover ups, and obvious involvement in criminal acts such as using the IRS to target enemies and groups hostile to him and his Administration, not to mention using a completely inappropriate executive order to protect his A/G Eric Holder and so much, much more, the man seems untouchable. Any other politician would have been impeached, removed from office and arrested. At the very least, after Hillary’s campaign unearthed questions about the man’s past and eligibility to run for president, the Secret Service should have obtained a court order and determined just who this man really is. Somehow that was overlooked. Another question for another day is: What made Hillary back off during the 2008 campaign?

Obviously, the man was never properly vetted and to date, despite dismal approval ratings, the president continues on un-abated and no one appears willing to stop him. I believe this is because the Lord has removed His divine protection from over this Nation allowing Satan to raise up this ungodly president. I believe this is a direct result of the American People’s growing rejection of Christianity, Jesus and Biblical morality. I don’t need to list the ways in which this country has become an offense to God. Just as God has allowed evil rulers to afflict His people in the past, He is presently doing the same, chastising the US for rejecting Him. He is doing this by giving America just what it wants. After all, it is the American people who elected this president and the stooges in the House and Senate. He is simply allowing Satan’s tool, “Obama” and others to have their way. We know that our God is a loving God, full of grace and mercy. He is also Holy, Just and Righteous and will only tolerate disobedience for so long. His nature precludes Him from letting us continue to transgress without correction – Just as a loving and responsible Father chastises an errant child.

The problems come when the child refuses to repent and seek forgiveness. This was the case with Israel and Judah. They came to the point where they were unrepentant and God allowed them to be taken from the promised land for a very long time. Now, the Bible makes no discernable prophetic reference to the US. I believe that is because when those days come that lead up to the return of Jesus Christ, the US will be so crippled socially and economically that we will be unable to do more than complain weakly from the sidelines. I say this because, just as with Israel and Judah, I see no sign of National repentance, no great awakening, no revival –  just apostate megachurches and perverts using the courts to persecute those who follow their faith in running their businesses. As long as the Church is in this world we know that the Anti-Christ is restrained from taking his place on the world stage.2 The 2:6-10 However we also know that for now, Satan is the Prince of this worldJoh 12:31 and he and his fallen ones move freely over the Earth inhibited only by the Will of God and the power and presence of His Holy Spirit.

Just as the Lord blessed and protected JobJob 1:10 I believe he did the same for our entire Nation until recently. I also believe that He protects His Church – those who are obedient, truly believe and have been born again in Jesus Christ. Beyond that I feel that the people of this Country are in for a very, very rough time and things will absolutely not end well!

Whether I am right or wrong in any of this only time will tell. One thing is certain however. That is: One day there will be a Judgment. No one lives forever and without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ you are doomed to an end so horrible that it shakes the mind. You can be spared this. If you believe in your Heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, that you are a sinner in need of a savior and you ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior you can be spared that horrible end. I pray that you will take into consideration all of the events, prophesied thousands of years ago, which are coming true even now – the Nation of Israel for example. Who would have thought that they would ever return to the promised land. And yet, there they are just as foretold.

And I will bring them out from the peoples, and gather them from the lands, and will bring them to their own land and feed them on the mountain of Israel by the rivers, and in all the places of the land where people live. Eze 34:13  

Please, if you haven’t given your heart to Christ please, please do so and be spared. The reward: Eternal life in a place so awesome that those in the Bible who were privileged to glimpse it had great trouble even describing it. The Apostle Paul gave up and just said it would be unlawful for him to even try. Think about it, please. The time is short I just know it.

God Bless You All


Monday, August 18, 2014

Mental Tribulation

Mental Tribulation

NOTE: I am not a Doctor! Nothing in this article should take the place of the advice of a licensed physician. Please, see your Doctor before taking any advice from the internet!

Well, after a long set back in my health I am once again tapping away on my laptop about Faith and the world around us. Since my health has been the reason for a number of dry spells in my writing and has also been the source of a number of questions and concern from folks, today’s topic will be about my least favorite subject to write about: ME. Well, more or less anyway.

For those who don’t know, I have a debilitating Neurological condition which causes me to experience weakness, muscle spasms, stiffness, pain and a plethora of other challenges too numerous to mention. I am weak, sore and tired and spend a great deal of time in bed, my recliner or my wheelchair.  The silver lining is that, Praise God for His limitless mercy – I still have some use of my legs and though limited, I can ambulate enough to move around my room, use the restroom and so on. That is a simple, though immeasurably important blessing and it cannot be emphasized enough as to how it sustains my quality of life. I am also blessed with a Godly, loving and supportive wife of over 25 years as well as wonderful family and friends who bless me with their support and love.

All that said, I often get asked if, due to my disabilities, I am uncomfortable, or worried about what is happening in the world these days and especially in our own country. Sincerely concerned, they wonder what I would do if, for instance, our grid goes down and our society breaks down with it – what will I do? I wish I could tell them, ‘I don’t worry about those things. My faith is rock solid and I am never anxious or worried about anything.’ But, unfortunately, I can’t. That’s because I do worry and I do wonder how a total breakdown of our way of life will affect not just myself and my loved ones, but anyone who must, for whatever reason, rely heavily on the “system” to sustain their lives. It is likely that in a WORL (Without the Rule of Law) level event those of us who are compromised will be the first to go. The strong live. The weak… Anyway, if it comes down to it and we are completely out of options, I for one will not have those I love, or anyone for that matter, putting their lives in jeopardy to save me when my poor health makes me a liability anyway. I am NOT being noble I am just being practical. I will gladly trust in my God and in His will. “For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Phi 1:21
As for worrying about such things, I am blessed with a wonderful, deep relationship with our lord Jesus Christ. I can feel the presence of His Holy Spirit and have experienced many wonderful miracles from great to small. Despite that, I must be honest: There are times when I agonize over the future. Despite the gloomy outlook for our country, the issues that often cause me the most anxiety tend to be the more mundane things such as our finances or the progression of my disease, or things happening in our children’s lives and what their futures might be. I worry about the toll my health takes on my family – things like that. When the cares of living day to day merge with the ever present threat of the collapse of our way of life I can’t help it if, at times, I find myself torn by anxiety despite my faith. This is why I believe it is so important for myself and all Christians to remain rooted in the word of God, consistent in Prayer and to have fellowship with Godly people. We are all human. We all experience weakness, doubts, fear. Even the apostle Paul felt fear, despair and anxiety2Cor1:8. Indeed, his health was afflicted by an unknown scourge that challenged him for the rest of his life2Cor12:7. Timothy suffered from a nervous stomach among other things1Tim5:23. If those great men of God were susceptible to such things, who am I or anyone else to think that we are above things such as worry, anxiety or depression.

It is how we deal with these issues that matters and it can make all the difference!

It is common in those new to the Christian Faith to have doubts, to experience anxiety. They have entered an entirely new world as a brand new being. Young Christians need mentoring - discipleship. They need to be shown how to open up to God in prayer about their cares and concerns, learn to cast them upon the Lord1Pet5:7. They need to know they are not alone in feeling these things and it does not make them any less a Christian because they experience occasional feelings of worry and doubt. Even mature Christians who have faced many trials need the support of others in facing what life can throw at us. In fact, it is when one neglects taking their cares to the Lord that problems occur. Satan is just waiting to pounce on anyone who is vulnerable and if you do not have the divine power of the Lord supporting you during your trials the devil can lead you to places where your faith will be sorely tested and, God forbid, you may be dangerously set back in your walk with Christ or worse.1Pet5:8

If you have been a Believer for some time then it is likely you will have faced at least one major challenge to your faith. I can describe such a time from my own personal experience: Some time ago I was going through a particularly nasty exacerbation of my illness. At the same time a critical family issue was coming to a head and was weighing very heavily on my heart. I was depressed and anxious, not sleeping and very vulnerable. Illness, anxiety and fatigue compounded to disrupt the time I would customarily spend with the Lord. Then our family experienced a horrible tragedy.  With my eyes already off of Christ I dispensed with prayer and forged ahead without His counsel or seeking His support. I foolishly tried to deal with increasing attacks of anxiety, worry and insomnia alone. I became strangely embarrassed to bring up these attacks before my peers, people who I normally would not hesitate to share anything with. I told myself that I didn’t want to burden my family or friends. Working spiritually alone I became vulnerable to Satan’s manipulations, his accusations; that I was unfit to call myself a follower of Christ, that I was a burden and a failure as a husband and a father as the head of the household. As a result I began to question my faith, my beliefs, even whether I was truly saved? It was surprising how quickly, once I had taken my eyes off Jesus, things began to spiral out of control. The increasing stress was accelerating the exacerbation of my illness. Anxiety and worry led to nightmares and insomnia. I was falling apart and had no idea. Despite all this I was determined to continue looking to my own devices to deal with matters. Bad, bad choice.

Satan is just waiting for just those moments of weakness and perceived abandonment to separate us from the Lord. (He cannot truly separate a believer from Christ but he can manipulate us into thinking God has abandoned us or he can lead us down a path that takes us away from God rather than back to Him. If one goes too far they will wind up wallowing in sin, far from God, their testimony stifled, lives ruined.)

Fortunately Jesus has promised never to leave or forsake those who love HimHeb13:5. We are also assured that ALL things work to good for those who Love GodRom8:28. No matter how bad things might seem God is always in control. He is SovereignDan4:17. Satan, though he would like us to think he is all powerful, can only do so much as God will allowJob1:10-12. The Lord allowed my crisis to go on for a sufficient time for me to be completely at my wit’s end – and then, realizing that I was totally unable to do anything without my Heavenly Father, I just surrendered to Him completely. I quit trying to figure things out. I quit striving for things I thought needed to be done, I quit telling God what I thought I needed and I just followed my Savior’s example and asked God that His will, not mine, not anyone else’s - but HIS will be done Mat26:39.

As if that was what He was waiting for, the Lord intervened in an awesome way, showing me that the crisis I was going through had nothing to do with a lack of faith or belief on my part. It had nothing to do with me at all. Surprise! Not everything is about me. We were all going through this terrible time together. We were all struggling. MY ‘crisis’ was the result of a number of things. First, thinking it was all somehow about me and allowing myself to think that God was mad at me or had for some reason abandoned me. Second, I allowed that thinking to turn a trial into a spiritual crisis and Third, I allowed myself to be manipulated into going it alone. The truth is the spiritual crisis I went through was entirely based on overlooking the basic fact that sets Christianity apart from all other world religions: I could never be separated from God’s loveRom8:38-39 because I certainly didn’t have to do anything to earn God’s love. In fact, there was nothing I could ever do to earn God’s love. Every act, every good work, every sacrifice – outside of Jesus Christ, they were all just filthy ragsIsa64:6. God loved me just because He chose to.

JESUS was the answer to my crisis. JESUS did what I could never do. And through my faith, love, devotion and submission to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I need never worry about whether God loved me, whether I was saved or anything elseJoh3:16. Somewhere along the way that simple message had become muddled and somehow I had lost sight of that simple but essential truth. I had begun to think I needed works, to do things, to be right with God. He corrected that errant thought when He spoke quite clearly, quite distinctly to my heart that night as I agonized over my complete inadequacy as a Christian, as a father, as a husband. “Only Jesus.” Two words was all He said. But the meaning of those two words was crystal clear! My heart jumped for joy as the Spirit-borne understanding flooded my mind, filled my heart and set me to tingling from head to toe as I embraced that simple, life changing truth: That it is through our simple Faith in Jesus Christ that we are extended the free gift of God’s great and all-encompassing grace. It is not through works. It is not through ritual or ceremony. It is a gift of love requiring no more than believing and askingRom10:9. In joy and relief and gladness and thanksgiving I tearfully praised the name of the Lord until I finally fell asleep exhausted and slept better than I had slept in a long, long time.

Sometimes we need these trials so that we can have life changing, faith building experiences like that. It seems ridiculous that I could lose sight of such an essential part of our faith, yet that goes to show that when, for whatever reason, we lose our focus on Jesus, neglect our Bible time and Prayer time and forego Fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, how easy it is for Satan to lead us into all kinds of bad places. I am sure it was to Satan’s chagrin that my faith was made even stronger by going through that period of anxiety and self-doubt. To this day, when I am having a low day or things are not going well in some area of my life I reflect on that particular intervention into my life by my beloved Lord and Savior and it always lifts my heart and strengthens my spirit. It has been forged into the Shield of FaithEph6:13-17 I carry.

So, when I am asked about whether I worry I say, “Sure, I do.” “But,” I tell them, “I know that it is at those times I have to be extra diligent about the time I spend with the Lord and to be sure to cast all my cares onto the Lord.”

Despite all this I can’t help it if I feel bad about how much I do worry because I know The Lord doesn’t want us to worry about anything. It is an area in my walk with the Lord that I may always have to work on. I try to keep the words of Jesus in mind as He admonishes us that no one gains a thing by worrying and I believe we should be diligent in trying to follow our Lord’s words on the matter:

Mat 6:31-34  "So don't ever worry by saying, 'What are we going to eat?' or 'What are we going to drink?' or 'What are we going to wear? 'because it is the gentiles who are eager for all those things. Surely your heavenly Father knows that you need all of them!

But first be concerned about God's kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things will be provided for you as well. So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Even in the midst of a Hurricane, there is peace and calm in the eye – God is the eye in the Hurricane of life and it is in Him that we can find peace no matter what our situation.

That said, there is one last issue I think needs addressing. That issue is folks with Chronic or Clinical Anxiety and/or depression. These are real medical issues that have nothing to do with weakness of character nor do they result from a lack of faith. Those who suffer from Clinical Depression and/or Anxiety truly suffer from a curse. It is an affliction that has nothing to do with their mental or emotional strength. In these cases it is the Chemistry of the brain that is the cause, not a lack of faith, drama or hysterics. Just as I cannot control my muscles when they twitch, stiffen or cramp those who suffer from Chronic Anxiety/Depression cannot control their body’s response to aberrant chemistry in their brain. This is an important point because I have heard Pastors who I truly love and respect speak very harshly about those who resort to taking medications for depression/anxiety as if it was a sign their faith was somehow insufficient, even insinuating that their belief in God was lacking.

Let me say this: I have been a born again, Christ loving believer for thirty years. I have been through trials and testing, stormy seas and tribulations. I have faced illness and disability and all that follows such calamities. I have seen depression. I have experienced the terror of anxiety attacks. I have spent nights praying, begging for relief. The Lord led me, through my physician, to medications which greatly eased my suffering. By relieving my symptoms I was able to think clearly. During the course of treatment I clung to God’s word and prayer and was greatly comforted. This had not been possible before in part due to the flood of chemicals in my brain making it extremely difficult to think coherently. It was a terrible and terrifying period for me. Thanks to The Lord’s immense Grace, and to my great relief, I have not had another anxiety attack but I certainly have an appreciation for the medications used to treat anxiety and depression.

We know that there were many medications used during Biblical times. Isaiah was told by the Lord to have a poultice applied to King Hezekiah’s boilIsa38:21 giving him another fifteen years of life. Paul advised Timothy to take a little wine for his nervous stomach and other ailments1Tim5:23. To think that somehow we have a different standard than those who have gone before us is at best just wrong, at its worst, its plain arrogant.

I know that Pastors who stand against the use of these medications do so out of love and concern for their flock. They see the trend in our culture to throw pills at every problem. And this has indeed led to a critical problem for our society today as a large number of regular people, even young children, are addicted to legally prescribed and obtained medications. I agree with those in the Christian community who urge caution in turning to anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. There are side effects that must be monitored and, if taken for long periods or if abused, these medications can become a curse instead of a cure as many of them are highly addictive. So, while I support the use of these medications in the case of those who need them I do so with this caveat: Do so only under the care of a qualified physician, one who has a solid knowledge of these illnesses and the medications used to treat them and who, God willing, is a Christian. I would suggest starting at your church. If you are uncomfortable seeing a Doctor from church then there are internet sites that specialize in providing patients with information on the physicians in their area though I strongly suggest avoiding sites that “rate” physicians. You may just try the yellow pages. In my mid-sized town there are several physicians who note they are Christians. Once you find a physician, share your concerns and your desire that the course of treatment last no longer than necessary. Be aware that it is common for the treatment of these illnesses to take several months depending on your body and your brain chemistry.

Once your symptoms are managed and your thoughts are clear I would encourage you to focus on prayer, bible study and fellowship. Many churches have small group studies for those with chronic illnesses. These can be very helpful. With your illness managed you should find you have a brand new outlook on life. Share that with the Lord and don’t forget to thank Him for the doctors and medication that He, in His infinite wisdom, has provided for us and be sure to share your testimony with your friends, family and those you fellowship with. They may know someone going through the same thing or they may be doing so themselves. You never know who God will use you and your “affliction” to touch.

Lastly, God is with us no matter what kind of storm we are in. Often our flesh, the world and the enemy conspire to convince us this isn’t true – but it most definitely is true! When the chemistry in your own mind, for whatever reason, is abnormal it can get in the way of that connection with Jesus that you have had since receiving Him as your Savior and Lord. You may begin to feel lost and alone – even in a crowd of friends and family. If you are experiencing these feelings seek the support of those you love and even if you’re not feeling the closeness of the Lord KNOW that HE is there no matter what and stay in prayer and read your Bible and please do not be afraid to seek medical help. It does not mean you are any less in the eyes of your loving God.

If you know someone going through something like this give them your love and support. Help them to seek medical help as well as spiritual help. These are very dangerous illnesses and those suffering from them need love and support not judgmental hyperbole.

May God be with you all my brothers and sisters.

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Numbers 6:24-26