Monday, April 7, 2014

Afro-Nazi's True Colors Showing

Afro-Nazi's True Colors Showing
(No Pun Intended)

Roaming gangs of Blacks bent on racial violence have been terrorizing several major cities, however the MSM has lacked the courage to report on these attacks for fear of incurring their wrath and/or being labeled racist. Thanks to the media black out it is only via Alternate News Sources like WND, this Blog and others like it as well as the perpetrators own videos on YouTube that America has even heard of this violent and pervasive atrocity. 

Now, thanks to Larger than Life Celebrities like Jay-Z sporting the gear of a large but little known quasi-religious group, Americans are finally learning about the 5 percent Nation - a movement among African Americans painting Whites as evil inferior beings and Africans as the true inheritors of Earth. 

This from the New York Post:

So what exactly do Five Percenters believe?
“The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” says Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of two books on the radical group.
“Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.”
The group was founded in 1964 in Harlem by Clarence Smith, who later changed his name to Allah, a former student of Malcolm X who disagreed with the Nation of Islam over the nature of God.

The Article also states that Black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world.

Because, with the exception of this one instance catching Jay Z out, the MSM has had nothing to say about this racist, bigoted and downright evil movement Americans are basically ignorant of the growing anti-white hate ideology that is growing in number every day. At this point there is no exact data to point to for an indication of the numbers involved, however when you see big names like Jay Z and others associated with this vile "religion" you know that it is not just some fringe group. Particularly when you consider that some claim the group outnumbers Louis Farrakahn's Nation of Islam by two to one.

How is a society to stop evil before it grows too big to be stopped when there is no longer anyone willing to do anything to stop it? Is that where we are?

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