Wednesday, October 8, 2014


And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.
                                                                                                                            Isa 3:4

Obama – our Child Prince. In Isaiah 3:4 the prophet was not talking about literal children, rather, he was warning that God, in response to their continued sin and disobedience, would allow immature and/or inexperienced, incompetent leaders to come to rule over the kingdom of Israel/Judah.
‘Wo to thee, O land, when thy king is a child;’  Ecc10:16
‘…O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.’ Isa 3:12

I believe that what we are seeing today, in the United States, can be compared directly to what happened to the ancient Nation of Israel. I am in the camp that believes God is allowing our Nation to suffer in order to bring about repentance for the rejection of Jesus Christ and Biblical Principles which has grown in intensity and scope over the past sixty years or so. This Nation which was so blessed and protected by God for its collective dedication to Jesus Christ and adherence to the Principles of His word now stands unprotected –  justly reaping the repercussions, the wages, of the Nation’s sin and outright rejection of God.

The President and his cabinet as well as a great many in both houses of Congress – the leadership of our wayward Nation –  are exactly the kind of leaders that our Holy God allowed to bring ruin down upon the kingdom of Israel. An example that compares very well with the governance of the current occupant of the Whitehouse is the Kingship of Rehoboam, son of Solomon. Rehoboam inherited a Kingdom that was relatively stable though it suffered from economic distress related to the excesses of the prior king, King Solomon 1Kings 11. There was social unrest due to the rise of idolatry in the kingdom as well as a pending revolt over the taxes being extracted from the people. Rehoboam, instead of relying on the advice of older and wiser men, listened to younger advisors, many his friends, all of whom simply told him what he wanted to hear (sound familiar?). As a result Rehoboam alienated those around him, some who had great wisdom, power and influence. All of this set the stage for the downfall of the Kingdom.

Similarly, President, Obama inherited an economy that was precarious as well as various social issues which needed to be addressed such as immigration reform for example. Unfortunately, like Rehoboam, Obama turned out to be a bumbling incompetent completely unequipped to deal with the critical issues confronting him. Instead of listening to older more experienced advisors on the issues facing the country, Obama relied on friends and younger, less experienced men who were untried and inept and who brought little to the table other than socialist economic experimentation and reform in the form of cultural liberalism.

The result was a disaster. While wiser men advised allowing the banking crisis to run its natural course, correcting the errors through the existing system of bankruptcy courts – a system that was designed precisely for such contingencies, Obama’s young guns, lead by Timothy Geithner chose to pour Billions of dollars into a corrupt and broken system. The result was a giant debt hung around the necks of generations of our progeny and a huge windfall for a few elite bankers and global industrialists, the loss of hundreds, perhaps thousands of small businesses and a stagnate economy that has since drawn out into the longest recession on record with unemployment at levels (based on real numbers, not false govt. data) not seen since the great depression. According to a study by the Heritage Foundation there are 6.9 million fewer Americans looking for work than were in 2007. 6.9 million! The number is staggering and that number is the only reason the Obama Administration can point to an unemployment figure of only 6%. It is a fraud. Because the Dept. of Labor does not account for those they consider “no longer part of the labor force” they are no longer included in the calculation of the rate of unemployment. The true picture of unemployment in this country is much, much worse, in fact it is truly frightening. Some put it at over twenty percent unemployed. What is equally frightening is how many of the people who make up this new demographic are now reliant on the government for their subsistence. As employment shrank, so welfare, disability and food stamp programs grew.

One wonders how our government can avoid rebellion over this outrage. Its not just the economy where we see the clumsy struggles of those completely our of their league in governing this Nation. It is also in various scandals that we see the childish arrogance of these “Princes.” Scandals like the IRS vs Christian Non-Profits and the Benghazi tragedy or the wildly unpopular Obamacare and the lies about keeping one’s own doctor make it truly a head-shaker that Prince Obama and his Administration remain in power. There is a reason behind this apparent defiance of logic. Obama’s greatest gift comes right from Satan himself: He, Obama, is an extremely adept liar. This can be said for most of his Administration as well. From Eric Holder and his ‘In-Justice’ Department to Lois Lerner and the Internal Revenue Service, Obama’s lackeys do one thing and say another, or, they simply say nothing. Lerner pleads the 5th and Holder defies a court ordered deadline for handing over documents requested by Judicial Watch. Despite contempt of congress, special investigators and congressional committees and now a Federal Judge – always this wicked Administration manages to avoid paying for their bumbling ineptitude, arrogance, lies and crimes against the People. While two of the greatest scandals since Watergate play out, those in the Whitehouse and the Administration simply circle the wagons and insist that there is nothing untoward going on. “Nothing to see here folks. Move along.” Please don’t mistake this ability to avoid justice for intelligence or cunning on their part; they are just as inept and fatuous as their bumbling suggests. However, there is a spiritual protection woven about them which allows them to fool those who lack discernment. Satan, the Prince of the Air is a master liar and manipulator of Popular Culture and the Main Stream Media (MSM).  In fact, it is the MSM which plays the integral role in protecting these witless wonders. The constant spin churned out by the news channels, talk shows and the liberal political machine creates a narrative completely opposite to reality and the truth. Other forces are at work behind the scenes as well and as long as Obama and his Administration continue to drive this country further and further over the brink they will continue to make absolutely certain that the truth does not come out.

The powers behind Obama are not only expert at spinning the narrative. They are also tuned into the latest information technology. Taking advantage of Social Media, mindless drones ply the internet with an uncountable barrage of messages deriding any who disagree with the Administration’s narrative. Where they are unable to manufacture a story strong enough to stand up to scrutiny they, instead, attack the source personally and pour ridicule upon the messenger knowing it will drip onto the message. They cannot address the veracity of the facts. However, if they can humiliate or seemingly discredit the source then they can avoid dealing with the messy truth. With the press compromised, the watchdog that formerly alerted the people when a burglar had stolen into their house now simply wags its tail and begs for treats from those who are stealing our rights and our government from us. The sorry fools and sycophants protecting the tools in the Administration are either too stupid or too corrupt to care that they are being manipulated. Personally, I think even the most dimwitted sycophant, no matter how enamored of their messiah, Obama, has to know in his/her heart that they are working for the devil when they eschew the facts for party propaganda, the truth for spin. I only hope they know of the terrible price they will pay if they don’t repent and seek salvation.

How long, then must we endure child princes ruling over our precious nation. Only God knows the answer to that question. God is loving to a degree we cannot fully comprehend. His mercy and grace exceed our understanding:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2Ch_7:14  

There is hope that things can be turned around. Just as a single sinner can repent from his sin and find restoration in Jesus Christ, an entire Nation can be healed if the people repent and seek God.

Only God Himself knows what the future holds for the USA. If the right people are elected to leadership in this country, if we get a President and leaders who can undo the damage and the divisions created by Obama and unite the Nation in returning to the Godly principles and values that made us great then, perhaps, by God’s grace, we can overcome the challenges we face and rise victorious. God gave mankind the freewill to accept Him or reject Him. We can follow His plan for life as laid out in the Bible or we can choose to do things our way. When a nation is following God He blesses that nation – we are proof of that. He will raise up leaders for that nation who are wise and who seek His guidance in governing. However, if a nation rejects Him and seeks to go its own way He will allow that nation to do so, just as He allowed this nation to choose Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Feinstein and so on - and He will allow us to continue to elect Godless fools should we choose to. Rest assured there are plenty of those presently running for office not to mention incumbents seeking to continue defrauding the American people. I pray that America has learned her lesson. I pray that we will reject these “Princes” and elect a new crop of principled men and women to office. I pray there will be a revival of Godly faith that will sweep across the Nation. We are seeing small revivals occurring in various places across the country. There is some reason to hope!

However, if we don’t see change this November and especially in 2016 then I must give way to what my gut tells me. And, my gut tells me that this country has wandered too far and has become hopelessly lost. I am hard pressed to find any candidates I can get behind. Even the most conservative hopefuls seem to be playing both sides on LGBT issues or dealing with the rise of militant Islam in the US and particularly on Immigration. How then can you trust them? There is also the question of the credibility of our system of voting and vote counting. The last election cast serious doubts on the entire process. Can we really trust the outcome of the vote in coming elections?

There is also the question of whether Obama and the power elite behind him will willingly turn over power in 2016. While I think it extremely unlikely that Obama would refuse to relinquish the Presidency, there are intelligent, credible men and women from the military and federal intelligence and enforcement agencies who raise frightening points about Obama and the buildup of arms and armor via Homeland Security which are presently positioned around the country. They point to laws, passed by executive order, giving the President unconstitutional authority in the event of an “Emergency,” something he is allowed to define. We also have a number of pressing issues that endanger our National Stability; Immigration, Ebola, escalating Black on White hate crimes, potential terrorist strikes and possible economic crisis’ all of which, if they continue to worsen, could result in social chaos. Any one of these, if it escalates to the point of causing fear, violence and civil unrest, could be used by the President to invoke his new powers, declare martial law and suspend voting. The result of this would likely be a protracted and devastating civil war. The President has to know that he cannot count on everyone in the military to simply follow orders and engage innocent American Citizens without question – that is undoubtedly why he took such pains to arm every Federal agency imaginable. Even Social Security is now armed to the teeth.

As I said, I truly doubt this particular scenario will take place, however we must remember that the US appears nowhere in end times prophecy. This means we either can’t, or won’t take part in any of the major end times events described in the Bible. This could be for any number of reasons. For my part, I pray the reason is because America experiences a nationwide revival with people turning to Jesus Christ as Savior in such numbers that the Rapture leaves the country too busy dealing with all the missing people to be concerned with world events. That’s a scenario I can get behind. Definitely!

Whatever lies ahead is in God’s hands. Right now we have to focus on the present. If we are going to turn things around then this Nation has to change its ways. The only way for this to happen is for Jesus’ church to find its voice again! The spotlight has to be taken away from Chrislam Universalists and other Mega-Church new agers. The real churches, made up of born again believers has to get the message of the FALLEN NATURE of man and the ABSOLUTE NEED FOR A SAVIOR out to the popular culture.

I truly believe that if the body, comprised of the Nation’s bible believing churches, unites behind this message then God will bless it. He will not let it come back void and, God willing, we will have a real revival! But, this Nation must turn from godlessness and the glorification of perversion and re-embrace basic Biblical principles. The only way that will happen is through the conviction of the Holy Spirit via the gospel message. That leads to faith in Jesus Christ! If the people of the United States do not humble themselves, pray and seek God’s face we can count on more incompetent princes, increasing sin, perversion and wickedness and very soon, the violent persecution of Christians here in our own nation. Jesus warned His disciples of these days long ago. We have His warnings there in black and white Luk 21:12. So, take heed. Pray and keep looking up. Our redemption draws nigh! How many go with us depends on getting the message out. We have our work cut out for us. Let’s be about it, shall we…