Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson and Hate

As I sit in my office tonight listening to the chaos in Ferguson on the radio scanner I can’t help but feel anger and disgust.

At the moment it sounds like there is a fire which has been lit in a Walgreens drug store and a MacDonald’s restraunt. Additionally, squad cars are on fire, shots have been fired at officers. All in all it is total chaos. The shame is that any positive dialogue that may have come from the shooting of Mr. Brown has been lost in the violence and destruction.

The fact that becomes quite evident quite soon is that the Black Community and the race baiting hate-mongers including hacks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have no interest in Justice or venting frustration over a lack of justice. In fact, at the very heart of this lies nothing more than hate for the plantation that owns their souls. What is pitiful is that it is scum like Jackson and Sharpton who work very, very hard at keeping African Americans on the plantation. That’s who they work for. And, it is the African’s treasured Democrats that run the plantation. What is so frustrating is how ignorant, how lazy, how complacent African Americans are when a few simple changes could set them free from the chains of Entitlements that keep them within the walls of the plantation. They could just walk away. There is a problem however: Social Security, General Assistance and Obama-Phones, food stamps, health care - The Plantation Mentality.

And so here I am listening to more fires being set in Ferguson and surrounding communities. At the same time widespread looting and vandalizing are in progress as Backs run rampant and unchecked throughout the cities destroying the property of those who employ many of them and damaging small businesses to the point their owner’s will not be able to start over. Out of business for good.

Where in any of this is justice? If every single one of these perpetrators was shown the hard evidence used in determining the verdict do you think a single one of them would change or at least re-think their actions? What if they were introduced to the Man and Wife who owned the little trinket store that was burned up in this madness. Would they change their actions then? My guess: Probably not. As I said, this isn’t about justice for Mr. Brown. This is about hate for the plantation, hate for whites because that is what they are told to do by Jackson, Sharpton and the rest, and hate for themselves – for selling their souls right back to the plantation from which they were freed two hundred years ago.


  1. Good point. Well written. It seems that the left is baiting a race war in America, because unless there is a civil uprising, and Americans start shooting each other, there can be no legal grounds for gun confiscation. The Ferguson and New York events have been used by the left to stir up the most radical in the black community. Black congressional leaders have added to the furor by doing ridiculous stunts like walking into the house of representatives with their hands raised. Occupy America failed to create the violence the puppet masters at the top desired and no amount of school shootings will change gun laws so out community organizer in chief is doing what he does best, once again attempting to organize unrest. The true power behind the government knows that as long as patriots have guns, America will remain free. they need a trigger event that will justify the big gun round up and a race war would be just the thing. I would expect a few more "events" to take place around the time the film Selma is released.

  2. Paul, first, sorry for the delay posting your comment. Second, you are right on the money. The left is salivating for some kind of violent backlash from the right or an extreme act of terror from the disenfranchised. They must be scratching their heads at the control and restraint shown by us evil violence prone right wingers. Either way those manipulators behind the curtain will eventually manufacture a large scale event even if they have to completely fabricate it. It is only a matter of time.


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